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What is a huddle room?

Hybrid working

Colleagues working from home and collaborating with teams at different locations: virtual collaboration is more popular than ever. This is driving a change in the functionality of the physical office. Not everyone is always working from the office, so spaces need to be arranged differently. A new type of meeting room that perfectly suits this way of working is the huddle room.

A huddle room is a small meeting room, where you can have brief and inspiring discussions with a few colleagues (usually around 2 to 6 people). An indispensable component in a huddle room is a large screen and video conferencing equipment: this way, your colleagues working from home or externally can also participate.

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Videoconferencing solutions for huddle rooms

A huddle room is all about collaboration, especially with colleagues who are not physically present. Therefore, a well-functioning and user-friendly videoconferencing solution is one of the most important components of a huddle room. Both Zoom and Microsoft offer tools that make virtual collaboration run smoothly, both for colleagues in the huddle room and for those logging in from home or elsewhere.

Do you want to set up a huddle room in your office?

Are you looking for a way to facilitate or improve hybrid working? If so, setting up a huddle room is a convenient way to allow remote workers and office colleagues to work together effectively and inspiringly.
The team at Duppal is happy to work with you to implement the perfect solution for your company. Our team has years of experience in improving (virtual) collaboration between teams and colleagues. As an official Zoom partner and specialist in the use of Microsoft Teams, we know all the ins and outs of the tools. By talking to you and your colleagues, we assess your needs and find the tool that suits you best. Of course, we ensure that your colleagues are trained and that the huddle room is put to full use!

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