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Remote education or open day

Duppal initiates your visual online communication between teachers, students, pupils, and external parties.

At Duppal, we have experience in guiding educational institutions with the implementation of collaboration tools. Whether it’s remote education or organizing a digital open day, we ensure that the tool works for your scenario!

The collaboration between Cultuurconnectie, Duppal & Zoom has been nominated for the Computable Award 2022. Read more here!

Tools in the education sector

Remote education

Duppal in education

Duppal is experienced in collaborating with the education sector. We have had positive experiences with educational institutions such as UVA, Auris, WUR, and Cultuureducatie. Each question is different, but there are also some similarities:

  • It must align with the specific scenario
  • Security is extremely important
  • Usability is at least as important (both for IT and for users such as teachers and students)
  • Quality


Duppal is part of the Digitaal Aankoop Systeem (DAS or DPS) of SURF. As a result, it is easy, safe, and market competitive to acquire your software and additional services through the SURF route with us. Questions about the DAS? Please contact us or call at 085 130 2215.

Does Zoom comply with the privacy conditions of the Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)?

Absolutely, Zoom meets the privacy conditions for all Education and Enterprise users within Europe. After intensive consultation with SURF and the initial DPIA report of May 2021, the identified privacy risks have been resolved through changes in the software. Zoom now complies with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) law. More information can be found on the SURF website.

Zoom in education

Since March 2020, Zoom has become indispensable in the education sector. Zoom Meeting is a commonly used and suitable tool for providing (interactive) education. Want more control as a presenter? Then Zoom Webinars is an appropriate alternative. It is possible to equip classrooms and spaces with Zoom Room equipment. These solutions are very cost-efficient and easy to use.

In addition to meetings and webinars, there is now also Zoom Events. This solution is a perfect match for various educational gatherings such as:

  • Online open day
  • Online Alumni event
  • Online job fair
  • Online Diploma award ceremony

Duppal is official partner of Zoom


Our multiplatform solution, is ideally suited for creating connections between various tools and rooms. For instance, it often happens that an organization or institution uses both Zoom and Teams, and the spaces are equipped with traditional video conferencing equipment. To make all this connect, we use a perfect intermediate layer (Enterprise Room Connector and CVI) where security and privacy are paramount. The solutions are available as:

  • Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • On premise

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It can be incredibly satisfying to work closely together, even if there are 1000 kilometers in between. A good understanding and open, inspiring communication are important sweet spots for people to feel good. And when people are happy, they are more productive and creative. That’s why we focus our attention on the user, the meeting participant, the presenter, and the collaborator. With our unique user adoption program, we ensure that employees embrace the systems of Cisco Webex, Pexip, and Zoom and learn to utilize the features that make every meeting an inspiring and effective event.