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Zoom Webinars: reliable and scalable webinar software

Do you occasionally host webinars? For your colleagues or for customers, as part of a training course or as a module in a major event? Then you know that ease of use and reliability of the technology are among the most important factors when hosting a webinar. Participants must be able to register, log in and take part in the webinar without any problems and you want perfect, razor-sharp images and audio. Zoom Webinars provides you with exactly what you need.

Zoom Webinars

As a presenter or host, you go into the webinar with confidence. During a practice session you test whether all the settings are well configured, the background is right and the sound and video work perfectly. With convenient and user-friendly features such as polls, group chats and other interactive possibilities, you ensure a large and interested audience.

Zoom Webinars is the ultimate software for organizing large-scale and interactive virtual events. As a Zoom Performance Partner, the highest partner level that Zoom offers, we are happy to help you implement Zoom Webinars for your event or organization. We also provide you and your colleagues with training on the tool and the Meet Duppal team is available for technical and functional support.

Why choose Zoom Webinars?

With Zoom Webinars you can set up a professional virtual event in a user-friendly and simple way. Expecting a large audience? No problem: with Zoom Webinars you can have up to 50.000 participants watching live, of which 100 are able to interact live with you and your entire audience.


Provide the necessary interaction during virtual events with features such as (group) chat, Q&A, polls and virtual hand raising. Panelists easily share their screen or a video.

 Be in control of your webinar

As the host, you have complete control over your webinar. Create branded emails and registration forms, prepare the webinar in a practice session and manage the participants and panelists during the webinar.

 Live streaming

Stream your live event directly to your social media channels such as Facebook Live and YouTube Live.


After your webinar, view extensive reports on registrations, the number of (unique) participants and their participation, results of any polls and an overview of the Q&A’s for follow-up.

Want to know more about how to set up successful webinars and virtual events with Zoom Webinars?

Zoom Webinars features

Zoom Webinars is a unique and flexible platform with lots of possibilities for designing the registration process and the webinar the way you want it. The software is suitable for internal webinars as well as webinars with thousands of viewers and is packed with features:

 Up to 100 interactive participants can participate in HD quality (49 per screen)
 Hosting a lot of viewers? Choose packages that allow up to 50,000 viewers
 Stream from the application to platforms such as Facebook Live or YouTube to allow unlimited viewers
 Emails and registration pages in your own branding
 Set up practice rooms where panelists can prepare themselves
 Send surveys after the webinar
 Record and store the webinar locally or in the cloud

Interested in the possibilities of Zoom Webinars for your organization?

Online course

Getting started with Zoom Webinars

Do you want to reach a larger audience and confidently engage with your participants during your presentation? In this online course our trainers use their experience and knowledge of Zoom Webinars to teach you everything you need to know about organizing, setting up and managing a successful webinar.

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Is Zoom Webinars the solution for you?

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