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Zoom Video Conferencing for Businesses

Official Zoom Partner of the Netherlands

Working from home has become the new norm. There are more webinars and online events to sign up to every month, and more international business negotiations taking place over the internet. Doctors consult patients by video. Bankers talk to their clients over the internet. And university teachers educate students through online video conferencing.

Just like our customers

Watch the video on how the University of Amsterdam took their classes online on Zoom.

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Read how ELEOS leverages Zoom Video Conferencing to talk to its patients.

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Collaborate and share files

Meet with Clients

Zoom for your business

Video Conferencing and Online Collaboration

Through video conferencing, your business is able to keep in touch with different parties. Be it your subordinates, colleagues, patients, clients, business partners or others involved with tomorrow’s success. You want an all-in solution that allows you to have online meetings feel natural, fun, and collaborate effectively. Zoom provides you with the tools you need. Duppal helps you with user adoption and effectively integrates it within your business.

That is why you choose Zoom video conferencing

You choose Zoom because it works. On any device, on any network, and anywhere in the world. Zoom doesn’t just make your employees happy, but also your clients and wallet.

Ease of use

If there’s one thing that sets Zoom apart, it’s the ease of use. Introduce Zoom within your organizations, and your employees will be able to use it in no time.


The IT team is also happy with Zoom: The management options have expanded, and the dashboard provides insight reports, showing the success of Zoom in your organization.


Zoom has made substantial security leaps. Encryption is now at Microsoft Teams’ level, and Zoom continues to develop its platform security.

Features and Integrations

Zoom has many integrations with (collaboration) platforms such as Slack, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce and Dropbox. Once in the meeting or webinar, numerous features are available such as chat, screen sharing, recording, polls and virtual backgrounds.

And, Duppal is the official Zoom Partner in the Netherlands! (and EMEA)

But, is this the tool for you?

Zoom conferencing solutions for businesses

Thanks to the extensive options available, Zoom offers a platform that can be deployed throughout the organization – with one consistent experience across all tools.

Zoom meetings

Video conferencing has never been easier! Zoom Meetings allows teams to collaborate effectively anytime, anywhere.

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Zoom webinars

Zoom is the tool for live and on-demand virtual events for marketing, training, internal or external communication purposes.

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Zoom rooms

Extend the experience of Zoom Meetings to the meeting room, with this video conferencing system from Zoom.

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Zoom phone

Add telephony to your Zoom environment. Even use it to replace a telephone exchange. Useful!

Learn more

“But how do we get all our employees to adopt and use it?”

Organization-wide user adoption

Zoom for business

Getting your employees to use Zoom

User Adoption throughout the organization

Rolling out one system throughout an entire organization often proves difficult. Employees may be resistant to change. Duppal helps organizations train employees to get the most out of Zoom. User adoption is our forte.

Download our brochure to learn more about how Duppal helps businesses implement Zoom and adopt it organization-wide.

Is Zoom the right choice for your organization?

Duppal’s advice

We’re happy to help you find out if Zoom is the right solution for your organization. Based on our experience, Zoom ideally suits:


Organizations looking for a company-wide video communication solution.


B2C organizations that provide online consultations, webinars, training courses, or eHealth.


Organizations that collaborate internationally and need a robust global network for high-quality video conferencing.

Yes, I want to know more about Duppal’s Multi-Platform Conferencing Solutions

Duppal offers more than just Zoom licenses. We guarantee that Zoom is used optimally and safely throughout your organization. Get all the benefits from Zoom – plus the advantages of Duppal, including:

Help with organization-wide user adoption and training
Usage documentation
Fast, directed support (based in the Netherlands)
Personal and direct attention

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It can be incredibly nice to work closely together, even if there are 1000 kilometers in between. Good relationships and open, inspiring communication are important sweet spots for people to feel good. And when people are happy, they are more productive and creative. That is why we focus our attention on the user, meeter, and collaborator. Our unique user adoption program helps employees of large corporations, hospitals, universities, banks and more embrace systems like Cisco WebexPexip, and Zoom. We help them make every meeting an inspiring and productive event.