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Duppal is the Zoom partner of the Netherlands.

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You choose Zoom because it works. On any device, on any network, anywhere in the world. Zoom makes your IT-team happy, as well as your other employees and the company’s wallet. Now why would you need Duppal?

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Our skilled Meet Duppal team helps you with all your Zoom questions.

Focus on user adoption

Having an amazing tool is one thing. Using it optimally in different use cases, needs attention and nurture. We’ll help you with that.

Thorough and fair analysis

Zoom is amazing for almost every company. We’ll do the research for you and give you a fair answer, bearing in mind other solutions in the market.

Your Dutch partner

Zoom is our core business. Our team is very well trained, we have short lines with Zoom, and most important: we are close by. Right here in the Netherlands.

Customer cases

AmbaFlex is using Zoom Phone already quite a while and they are very satisfied.

Watch the video

Read how ELEOS leverages Zoom Video Conferencing to talk to its patients.

Watch the video

Zoom everywhere,
on any device.

Zoom for business

Online collaboration beyond video conferencing

Zoom is known for innovating video conferencing. They didn’t sit still the last years. It has expanded with many well developed tools, such as: team chat, webinars, phone, contact center and much more.

You want an all-in collaboration solution that allows you to connect naturally, fun, and collaborate effectively. Zoom provides you with the tools and integrations you need.

It’s platform creates one consistent experience across all tools – throughout the whole organization.

Zoom Meetings

Video conferencing has never been easier! Zoom Meetings allows teams to collaborate effectively anytime, anywhere.

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Zoom Events

Zoom is the tool for live and on-demand virtual events for marketing, training, internal or external communication purposes.

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Contact Center

The omnichannel solution for your help desk and customer service teams, allowing them to give fast, sufficient and personalized support.

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Zoom Phone

Cloud phone solution, compatible with desk phone, computer and mobile. Easily switch your phone call to video if required.

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