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Ease of use all the way to the meeting room with Zoom Rooms

Do you know that frustration of having a digital meeting all set up, but starting the virtual meeting room fails? Or the stress of a glitchy system when you want to share files with your colleagues or with customers during a meeting? Then now is the time to switch to Zoom Rooms: the ultimate tool for successful and smoother meetings.

Zoom Rooms

With Zoom Rooms, you bring the ease of use of Zoom video conferencing into the meeting room. Zoom Rooms offers the user-friendly interface that your colleagues are familiar with and there are countless hardware integrations possible. Duppal helps you develop a solid standard for your meeting room(s) and to let your colleagues embrace the tool.

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Why choose Zoom Rooms?

With the user-friendly tool Zoom Rooms you will give your meetings a boost. You can transform your physical meeting room into an interactive environment with the features you know from Zoom Meetings, combined with the convenience of the physical meeting room. With the Zoom Rooms application you can easily set up a video conferencing system with the hardware of your choice.
 Calendar integration

With the Google and Exchange calendar integration you can easily reserve a meeting room for your meeting. Once in the meeting room, you start up the meeting with the click of a button.

 Manage your rooms

Manage all your meeting rooms from the Zoom portal. You will receive notifications in case of any issues and when there are updates from Zoom, we will guide you through them.

 Scheduling display & digital signage

With the Scheduling Display function in Zoom Rooms you can display the agenda of the meeting room on a display. This allows your colleagues to know exactly when they can use the room and when a meeting has been scheduled. Digital Signage is another useful feature of the software: it allows you to turn any screen into a billboard for your organization when you are not in a meeting.

 Perfect for every room

Zoom Rooms is compatible with the hardware of your choice. This enables you to create a good solution for any room: from boardroom to huddle room and classroom.

Interested in what Zoom Rooms can do for your organization?

Zoom Rooms certified hardware

Getting started with Zoom Rooms

Advice on the implementation of Zoom Rooms

Would you like to know more about the functionalities of Zoom Rooms? We are official Zoom partner and we know all there is to know about Zoom’s tools. We are happy to put this knowledge and experience to work for you.

We are happy to advise you on the design of various meeting rooms and to help you find your way around the endless possibilities of Zoom Rooms.


We think along with you about the application in different rooms and which set-up suits these rooms best;


We give advice on the required hardware;


We create a good standard for your A/V supplier to work with;


We ensure, together with your IT team, that all the basic settings in Zoom are correct and secure;


We train your colleagues and provide documentation in Dutch or English.

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All of Zoom’s solutions

Zoom’s platform consists of various collaboration tools that can be used company-wide. All tools offer the same user-friendly experience.

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Want to implement Zoom Rooms in your company?

Duppal helps you to develop a successful set-up for every meeting room. We guide you in finding the solution that fits your organization and offer you help in training your colleagues: together we ensure a successful integration of Zoom Rooms.

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