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Zoom Phone: cloud telephony integrated within the Zoom platform

Unlock the power of cloud telephony with Zoom Phone! Upgrade your communication infrastructure and embrace flexible, secure, and cost-effective business telephony.

zoom phone solution

Zoom Phone

What it does

Elevate your business communication with Zoom Phone, the advanced cloud telephony solution seamlessly integrated into the user-friendly Zoom platform.

Experience reliable, flexible phone solutions, crystal-clear audio, and comprehensive features in one powerful app. Stay connected, collaborate seamlessly, and communicate effortlessly with Zoom Phone, wherever you are.

An optimal international collaboration with Zoom Phone

The internationally operating AmbaFlex is growing fast, which is why it has recently switched to a completely new telephony system, based around Zoom Phone. In order to provide one solution for all the employees all the locations around the world, Duppal was enlisted.

How does it work

Zoom Phone features

Zoom Phone is the cloud telephony solution within the user-friendly Zoom platform. It offers a cost-effective and flexible telephony solution with global coverage, high sound quality and numerous useful features, all within one app for telephony, video, meetings and chat.

Central management system

Zoom Phone simplifies your telephony environment. From one intuitive dashboard, you get complete control over your phone usage. Reserve a number block and only pay for the numbers you actually use.

 All your communication within one platform

Combining Zoom Phone with the other Zoom solutions for meetings, webinars and conference rooms makes it possible to house all your business communications in one platform. This allows you to create an overview and a significant reduction in costs.

Bring your own carrier

Do you already have a cost effective contract with your current telephony provider? Bring your carrier along and connect it to Zoom Phone. This will allow you to benefit from attractive rates and the advantages of Zoom Phone for users and administrators.

 Cloud telephony for the hybrid workforce

With Zoom Phone, you enjoy all the benefits of cloud telephony, such as free calls within your own network and the ability to use fixed telephone numbers outside the office. A perfect solution for home workers and the hybrid workforce.

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Introduction to Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone offers a secure and reliable cloud phone system that can be centrally managed. In our free whitepaper we give you an introduction to this modern solution and its features.

Why choose Duppal

Zoom Phone certification

Duppal has been awarded the official ‘Zoom Phone Certified Integrator’ certification: a recognition from Zoom we are very proud of! To qualify for the certificate, you must meet strict requirements, such as having multiple certified UCaaS/telephony specialists and great customer references.

“We are happy that Duppal is awarded with the Zoom Phone Integrator Certification. With their strong focus on functional deployments, Duppal is capable to offer clients on a global scale the full UC portfolio of Zoom, from meetings to webinars to rooms to phone.”

– Bart Benninga (Channel Manager Benelux & Nordics)

“The use of collaboration platforms such as Zoom has of course grown exponentially due to Covid-19. Many organizations are currently considering phasing out their current telephony environment and also adding telephony as a functionality to the Zoom platform. For us, this certification is a confirmation of the experience that we as Duppal have gained over the past two years in implementing Zoom Phone with many existing customers.”

– Sven Lagerweij (CEO Duppal)

Get started with Zoom Phone

A step-by-step approach

Telephony is an indispensable part of business communication. Setting it up requires a solid solution. Duppal helps your organization to develop and implement your cloud telephony solution step by step.


We make an assessment of your current situation


We create a technical and functional design


Together with you, we organize a proof of concept


We take care of the implementation


And offer support, even after implementation

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All of Zoom’s solutions

Zoom’s platform consists of various collaboration tools that can be used company-wide. All tools offer the same user-friendly experience.


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The premier tool for live and on-demand virtual events for marketing, education and internal communication.

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Online collaboration and video conferencing has never been easier! With Zoom Meetings, teams can work together effectively anytime, anywhere.

Zoom Rooms

With the video conferencing system from Zoom you can bring the experience of Zoom Meetings into the physical meeting rooms.

Want to implement Zoom Phone?

Duppal guides you to a modern cloud telephony solution.