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Collaborate efficiently within a single platform with Microsoft Teams

Do you use Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint on a daily basis? Then chances are that Microsoft 365 is the standard within your organization. Teams is the corresponding collaboration tool from Microsoft. Because these applications work together seamlessly, Teams has naturally become the collaboration tool for a lot of companies and organizations.

Microsoft Teams

It is very easy to collaborate within the Microsoft ecosystem. Mail, chat, audio, video meetings: everything works from the same platform. However, we experience that many companies just fire up Teams and that little attention has been paid to a well thought-out implementation or user adoption.

We will gladly help you get the most out of Teams. From creating the right technical conditions to a communication campaign so your colleagues know how to use Teams optimally: together we will ensure a successful implementation of the tool.

Want to know more about the possibilities Microsoft Teams has to offer or its implementation in your organization?

The advantages of Teams

What does Microsoft Teams have to offer?

The collaboration tool is called “Teams” for a reason. Within the tool you can easily create different teams, with which you can organize meetings, but just as easily share files and make use of the chat feature. The members of these teams can be external as well: this makes Teams very suitable for working together with partners, customers or suppliers.

All services within one setup

With Microsoft 365 and Teams, you have all the applications you need in one convenient platform. Write texts, share them and give feedback via Word, process data in Excel and create presentations with Powerpoint, and then share and discuss these things via Teams: Microsoft 365 brings structure and ease of use.

Scheduling meetings is made easy

Scheduling a meeting with colleagues or a customer is easier than ever and can be done directly from Outlook.

Collaborate with customers and partners

Do you often work together with external parties, such as customers and suppliers? With Teams, you can create virtual teams with which you can easily work closely together. Besides a digital meeting, you can also chat with these teams, making Teams a valuable communication platform.

Want to know more about what Microsoft Teams can do for your organization?

Implementing Microsoft Teams

Implementing Microsoft Teams successfully

Is your company already using Microsoft 365 and do you want to keep internal and external communication within one platform? Then Teams is the collaboration tool for you. However, the transition to a new tool doesn’t happen by itself. With our unique adoption program, we’ll make sure your colleagues get to know and adopt the tool properly.

In this program:

 We guide you from step one in setting up the tool
 We help you to set up policies and user rights
 You will create awareness among your employees for the use of Teams
 And you will receive extensive training and support

Want to get started with Teams?

Implementing Teams involves a number of challenges: establishing the appropriate user rights and support for all teams, setting up processes and more. Duppal will help you implement Teams in your company. Our trainers will provide the right support and we will assist your IT department in deploying the tool safely. Together, we will ensure a successful implementation!

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