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Zoom Workplace

Reimagine how your teams work with an AI-powered collaboration platform built for modern work.

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Zoom Workplace

What it does

Save time, jumpstart creativity and streamline workflows with Zoom Workplace. It includes Meetings, Team Chat, Phone, Calendar and Mail. Make it even more complete with Clips, Notes, Whiteboard and Surveys.

All of the above is streamlined one single app for end users. Take seamless experiences to the next level by integrating with your preferred business apps integrations in the Zoom Marketplace.

Zoom Workplace

The benefits

Streamline communication, improve productivity, optimize in-person time, and increase employee engagement.

Streamline communications

Zoom’s communications work together effortlessly. It reduces silos, gives easy access to information, automates the way you communicate and makes it easier to connect with global and external contacts.

Increase employee engagement

Reach and engage your entire workforce with community-led internal comms. Inform employees easily, create a sense of belonging, make resources and information more accessible and increase employee engagement and retention.

Optimize in-person time

Zoom’s solutions also increase impact of in-person meetings. Maximize the use of office space, collaborate across remote and in-person teams and manage guest visits.

Improve productivity

Enhance meeting effectiveness with thorough preparation and facilitate efficient decision-making through collaborative visualization. Deliver clear post-meeting action items and decisions using AI, and much more.

Zoom Workplace


Zoom Workplace offers solutions in 4 areas: Communication, Productivity, Spaces and Employee Engagement.



Team Chat



Agenda & Mail







Workspace reservation

Visitor management

Digital signage




Zoom Workplace

Drenched in AI

At no extra costs, Zoom launched Zoom AI Companion; the smart assistant that empowers you to increase productivity, improve team effectiveness, and enhance skills.


Zoom’s unique federated approach provides flexibility to choose & deploy the right AI models to deliver high-quality results.


Zoom AI Companion capabilities are available across the Zoom platform (Meetings, Team Chat, Phone, Mail, Whiteboard, Notes) and compatible third-party apps.


Zoom does not use customer data to train Zoom’s or its third-party AI models. Zoom provides admins with control over activation and use of features and users with visibility when AI Companion is active in meetings.


Zoom AI Companion capabilities are embedded within the intuitive, simple, easy-to-use Zoom experience that you know and love to drive usage and adoption.

Team-up with Duppal

Duppal is platinum Zoom Partner

Duppal scores top honors in Zoom’s partner program. With our extensive know-how across the entire Zoom lineup, we’re meeting Zoom’s toughest standards for reseller value. Duppal clients can rely on Duppal’s specialized support – as always, officially Zoom-approved!

Get started with Zoom Workplace

A step-by-step approach

Duppal helps you to develop and implement your Workplace solution step by step.


We make an assessment of your current situation


We create a technical and functional design


Together with you, we organize a proof of concept


We take care of the implementation


And offer support, even after implementation

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All of Zoom’s solutions

Zoom’s platform consists of various collaboration tools that can be used company-wide. All tools offer the same user-friendly experience.


Zoom Contact Center

A spot-on customer experience starts with Zoom Contact Center. For both your customer and your agents.

Zoom Workvivo

Transform the digital employee experience. The best cultures are built with Zoom Workvivo!

Zoom Rooms

With the video conferencing system from Zoom you can bring the experience of Zoom Meetings into the physical meeting rooms.

Want to implement Zoom Workplace?

Duppal guides you to a modern communication solution.