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Is your organization ready to adopt hybrid working?

Flexibility is becoming an important topic, especially within large businesses. Holding a meeting with colleagues no longer necessarily means sitting with the entire team in one physical space: working from home or even from a completely different location is becoming increasingly common.

Hybrid working

The trend towards hybrid working requires you to adapt your working methods. Meetings and discussions remain necessary, but in a different form.

The Duppal team has been active in guiding companies and organizations towards better cooperation for over 20 years. We are happy to talk to you and your colleagues to find the tools to improve the hybrid collaboration within your company. Subsequently, we help you implement them and together we make sure they are adopted by your colleagues. After the implementation, we will remain available for help, support and coaching on questions and new updates.

Wondering how we can facilitate hybrid working for you? Please contact us or take a look at our portfolio.

Online collaboration with Microsoft Teams

There is a good chance that Microsoft 365 is an important part of your workflow. Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook: these are all tools that we use on a daily basis. Microsoft Teams is also part of Microsoft’s all-in-one solution. Because Microsoft 365 is used so frequently, Teams has become the standard collaboration tool for many companies.

Do you use Teams? If so, do you really get the most out of the application? With Teams you can:

Participate in virtual meetings from any location
Work together on content
Boost teamwork among your colleagues

We are happy to assist you in optimizing your hybrid collaboration processes and to ensure that you and your team are familiar with the extensive possibilities of Teams.

Physical and virtual meetings blend together with Zoom Rooms

Structured and efficient meetings are important, especially when colleagues work in a hybrid way. Zoom Rooms brings the convenience of virtual meetings to the physical meeting room at the office. The software features the same user-friendly interface as Zoom’s other products: ease of use is key.

It is easy to schedule a meeting, directly from your calendar, and to start it with one push of a button. Want to share files during the meeting? No problem: Zoom Rooms gives you all the flexibility you need to organize meetings exactly the way you want.

Zoom Rooms allows you to:

Plan and host meetings from a single, user-friendly app

Participate in (virtual) meetings from any device

Elevate the level of your virtual meetings

Build stronger relationships with your colleagues and clients

Become accessible at any time and from any device with Zoom Meetings

In a very short period of time, Zoom Meetings has become one of the most used tools on the work floor – and for good reason. The collaboration tool is extremely user-friendly and a meeting with colleagues can be set up in no time. This makes hybrid working easier and more efficient than ever. Because the tool can be used on your phone, on your laptop and in the meeting room, your team can be reached from any location.

With Zoom Meetings, efficient and interactive meetings are easier than ever to realize:

Quickly organize

Zoom Meetings helps to quickly organize internal as well as external meetings;

Accomplish more

Regardless of where your colleagues are working, your team will be able to accomplish more;

The Zoom all-in-one solution

It is part of the Zoom all-in-one solution, together with tools such as Webinars, Rooms and Phone.

We are an official Zoom partner. This ensures that we can provide you with the perfect setup for your company. You will be able to take full advantage of the added value of hybrid working with a tailor-made implementation of Zoom Meetings!

Security comes first with Cisco Webex

The Cisco Webex hybrid collaboration solution is easy to use, works on all devices and is used by various European governments for good reason: the tool excels in security. Especially if you and your colleagues work from different locations, it is wise to think carefully about how and with whom sensitive information and important files are shared. Cisco helps you do this safely.

By implementing the right infrastructure and licensing, we ensure that meetings, events, training and support run smoothly and that your data is secure.

Based on our experience, Cisco Webex is the ideal solution for:

Organizations and companies with high security requirements
Companies that already use Cisco devices
Companies and governments that conduct many online consultations, webinars and training courses

Implement the hybrid collaboration tool that matches your business

Hybrid working is growing constantly, which is why it is important for companies to facilitate the right tools. We help you choose the right tool and ensure a successful implementation. The implementation only works when your colleagues start collaborating successfully with Zoom Rooms, Microsoft Teams or another hybrid working tool. With a strong communication strategy, we ensure a successful adoption of the tool!

Complete peace of mind, from implementation to training

At Duppal we do more than just supply licenses: we give you the guarantee that your new tool is implemented successfully.

Let’s meet!

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