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Transform the digital employee
experience. The best cultures are built with Workvivo!

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What it does

Workvivo is an employee experience platform (EXP) that simplifies internal communication and drives employee engagement. Built to delight end-users, so they feel excited to start their workday. It truly brings your company culture to life digitally.

Combine your intranet, internal comms, and
engagement tools into one easy-to-use app. Easily connect everyone on desktop, tablet, mobile, and TV devices.


The benefits

Transform the digital employee experience with Workvivo.

Increase employee engagement

Your employees are more connected, happier and proud to work for you. Increasing employee engagement results in less turnover, less absenteeism and higher productivity. 

Improve employee retention

Hold on to your skilled people and save on recruitment costs. Higher levels of engagement lead to greater company loyalty and more reasons for your employees to stick around.

Empower every team

From HR and comms, to IT and leadership, and every employee in between. Simple, consumer-grade design and familiar social experience is loved and naturally embraced by all your employees.

Attract talent organically

The best hires want to work for the best companies, and highly engaged teams get more employee referrals and inbound applications. Stand out, by being loved.



Tools within Workvivo, in the 3 most important areas.


Activity Feed

Digital Signage






Social Feed


Say-Hi Video

Goals & Values


Community Spaces




Content Engagement

Governance Reports

Activity Monitor

Onboarding Insights


Everybody connected

Build a more connected and engaged workforce with Zoom Workvivo – from HR and comms, to IT and leadership, and every employee in between.


Everything you need to boost employee engagement which will quickly translate to higher retention, more employee referrals, lower absenteeism and greater productivity.


One platform to rule them all, with the oversight and insight you need to build a truly engaged and connected workforce.

Internal comms

Easily manage campaigns and get maximum engagement on your communications with all the tools you need to reach your entire organization, wherever they are.


Workvivo’s API and integrations allow for smooth collaboration with any tool, and our intuitive easy- to-use platform means no strain on IT resources.


Explore your needs for an employee experience platform

This e-book includes all details you want to know about Workvivo. It tackles topics such as:

  • Why choose for an employee experience platform
  • How Workvivo is different
  • Functionalities
  • ROI

Team-up with Duppal

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Get started with Workvivo

A step-by-step approach

Duppal helps you to develop and implement your Workvivo solution step by step.


We make an assessment of your current situation


We create a technical and functional design


Together with you, we organize a proof of concept


We take care of implementation


Offer support, even after implementation

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Want to implement Zoom Workvivo?

Duppal guides you to a modern employee experience solution.