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Our unique working method ensures your employees embrace systems like Cisco Webex, Pexip, and Zoom. We help them learn the features that make each meeting an inspiring and productive event. The only thing we can’t influence is the coffee!

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Duppal - A pleasure to meet

Transformation stories

People are the heart of every organization. They deserve the right support, especially when they have to work with new tools. We guide them through our collaboration transformation process and only leave when everyone is satisfied.

From Skype for Business to Zoom


Zoom implementation and adoption

Infinitas learning

Microsoft Teams introduction


Our unique approach

Duppal strategy
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Build a strong foundation for effective collaboration

Effective remote collaboration is more critical than ever. But how do you make it happen? We discuss your needs and requirements, arriving at a concrete step-by-step plan for effective remote collaboration.

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The Duppal Toolbox

We implement high-tech solutions from the best collaboration tool manufacturers: Cisco, Pexip, and Zoom. This approach gives us all the tools to turn every meeting into an inspiring event.

Cisco Webex partner

Cisco Webex provides a broad and secure collaboration portfolio. Optimize countless solution options to your work processes.

Pexip partner Nederland

Pexip is a reliable platform that connects your video conferencing rooms with countless meeting tools, including Microsoft Teams.

Zoom logo

Zoom is a collaboration platform with endless possibilities, high user satisfaction, and worldwide coverage.

Online course

Get Started met Zoom Webinars

During this online course, learn everything about organizing, setting up, and managing a Zoom webinar. Reach a larger audience, learn how to set up a webinar, and professionalize your webinar experiences. Become familiar with the application, create a strong program, and enter every webinar with confidence!

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