Duppal acquires the certification ‘Zoom Phone Certified Integrator’



Jul 1, 2022 3:38:16 PM

Duppal has been awarded the certification ‘Zoom Phone Certified Integrator’.

This is a certification that recognizes Duppal’s added value as a partner in Zoom Phone implementations. As an authorized partner, we are happy to help you with our acknowledged expertise and experience.

About this certification

To be awarded this certification by Zoom, there are strict requirements that must be met. This includes:

  • Having specialists with at least 2 years of UCaaS/telephony experience.
  • Completing a Zoom Phone training course.
  • 5 successful customer references in cloud telephony
  • A Zoom Phone demonstration

We are proud to share that Duppal has acquired this certification as an official partner for Zoom Phone. We help our clients move to a modern, cloud-based telephony system that enables teams to work together easily, wherever they are in the world. Curious to discover how we help achieve this? Read our Zoom Phone reference case for more information on how we can help your business. Read Case

What does this mean for our clients?

We are happy that Duppal is awarded with the Zoom Phone Integrator Certification. With their strong focus on functional deployments, Duppal is capable to offer clients on a global scale the full UC portfolio of Zoom, from meetings to webinars to rooms to phone.” – Bart Benninga (Channel Manager Benelux en Nordics)

“The use of collaboration platforms such as Zoom has of course grown exponentially due to Covid-19. Many organizations are currently considering phasing out their current telephony environment and also adding telephony as a functionality to the Zoom platform. For us, this certification is a confirmation of the experience that we as Duppal have gained over the past two years in implementing Zoom Phone with many existing customers.” – Sven Lagerweij (CEO Duppal)

Zoom phone for your teams

As an authorized partner, we are happy to help you with our acknowledged expertise and experience.

• Is your legacy telephony solution outdated and are you ready to move to cloud voice?
• Do you want to offer your teams a user-friendly voice solution, integrated with your existing collaboration platform?
• And do you want to support telephony optimally for your remote workers?

Learn how Zoom Phone can help your organization move from an outdated phone exchange to a modern, easily accessible cloud telephony solution. Check out our reference case and discover the benefits for your team.

Want to learn more about Zoom Phone and its functionalities? Read more.
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