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Optimizing Global collaboration with Zoom Phone

AmbaFlex, a rapidly expanding global enterprise, recently adopted a cutting-edge telephony system centered on Zoom Phone. To ensure a unified solution for all employees across its worldwide locations, AmbaFlex enlisted the expertise of Duppal.

Watch Marcel Schilder, Global IT Manager at AmbaFlex, share his insights and experiences about our collaboration

In this video, Marcel discusses the transformative journey of implementing Zoom Phone. Discover firsthand insights, real experiences, and the transformative power of technology and partnership. Dive into the heart of our story by watching Marcel’s review video – a testament to the possibilities of seamless collaboration.


AmbaFlex, an international logistics partner, boasts over 25 years of operation and a strong presence in multiple markets. This includes intensive internal transportation, production facilities, and logistics services. AmbaFlex continues to be a significant supplier to the graphics industry, maintaining its position despite industry challenges.


Operating from its main office in Zwaag, AmbaFlex extends its reach to various production facilities in the United States, Romania, and China. With sales offices worldwide, the need for streamlined collaboration among departments and locations became evident. Local telephony solutions with fragmented contracts hindered efficient long-distance work.

Marcel Schilder, Global IT Manager at AmbaFlex, recognized the need to optimize internal communication for digital collaboration. The company’s rapid growth, combined with the pandemic, further emphasized the necessity of an integrated solution.


AmbaFlex’s partnership with Duppal, rooted in their successful collaboration on implementing Zoom Phone, led to a transformative solution.

Key elements included:

  • Comprehensive interviews with employees across departments and locations to identify essential functionalities and needs.
  • Zoom Phone was chosen due to its alignment with AmbaFlex’s existing infrastructure, with Zoom as the preferred tool for online meetings.
  • A focus on addressing unique challenges, such as integrating electronic doorbells and network-linked devices.
  • On-site support and extensive preparations, ensuring a seamless transition to Zoom Phone globally.

More than just phone calls

Marcel explains that all kinds of interesting aspects were highlighted during the conversations with the departments: “At our office in Zwaag, for example, the electronic doorbell and the alarm centre were linked to a phone number. Because we were going to replace our whole system, we needed a solution for this as well. Our FSFA officers also work with various devices, which are linked to the network: another factor that we didn’t consider beforehand, but thanks to Duppal’s approach of interviewing all departments, we realised it before it was too late. Thanks to our smooth collaboration with both Zoom and Duppal, we were able to get a customised solution for all these challenges”.


The result of the implementation is clear for Marcel; the collaboration between colleagues and locations is a lot smoother than before, and almost everyone is very satisfied about Zoom and Zoom Phone.

“You can find the colleague you need with only one push of a button, you can see if they are available right away, and you can send a chat message directly from the app. Do you want to switch to a video meeting? You can do so easily, with two hands on your keyboard. Our colleagues have gotten used to using a headset with their laptop in no time. It’s just so much easier than holding a phone in your hand. Zoom Phone has become the standard solution for all of our internal and external communications.

Challenges are inevitable in extensive implementations. Yet, with Zoom and Duppal’s expertise, AmbaFlex successfully navigated these challenges, resulting in improved collaboration, efficiency, and overall satisfaction.

Duppal’s Added Value

AmbaFlex chose Duppal based on several factors, including:

  • A successful previous collaboration, highlighting a strong partnership with Zoom.
  • Exceptional on-site support during implementation, ensuring a smooth transition and addressing specific needs during implementation.
  • Duppal’s commitment extends across borders, with a dedicated team that collaborates with AmbaFlex’s international locations, providing training and assistance.

Interested in Zoom Phone for Your Organization?

Curious about Zoom Phone? Reach out today to arrange a consultation. Start optimizing your team’s collaboration experience! You can also download our whitepaper, ‘Enhance Flexibility and Accessibility with Cloud Telephony,’ to discover ways to improve employee reachability without the need for extra expenses or substantial hardware investments.

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