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Why call via WiFi?

Calling over the internet

With calling over WiFi, telephony no longer goes through a traditional phone line, but through your WiFi connection. Calling via WiFi has great advantages. For example – if you have a stable internet connection – it is much less sensitive to interference. WiFi calls are also an attractive option in terms of costs: your WiFi network is already in place, so there is no need to make a large investment in a new PBX exchange. In addition, the audio quality is better than with a traditional telephone line.

Would you like to introduce WiFi calling in your company? Contact us: our team would love to help you!

Calling via WiFi and cloud telephony

Calling via WiFi is part of cloud telephony. With cloud telephony we capture all of your telephony components in one digital environment. Making and receiving calls from any location and any device, forwarding calls, but also connecting devices that are connected to your current network such as alarm systems: you can arrange all of this and more in a central dashboard.

Do you want to introduce calling via WiFi? Duppal helps with the implementation

Do you want to give your internal and external communication a professional boost? Then it is time to introduce cloud telephony. We work together with the two biggest providers of cloud telephony systems: Zoom Phone and Microsoft Teams Phone.

Duppal will gladly guide you in implementing the solution that suits you. First of all, we will make an inventory of the wishes of your colleagues. Then we will draw up a plan and outline the ideal set-up. We will start with the technical implementation and we will also take care of the user adoption of the tool. We can, for example, support you in setting up an internal communication campaign.

After implementation, we ensure that your colleagues continue to work successfully with your new cloud telephony tool by offering support.

Want to know more about what cloud telephony can do for your company? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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