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The perfect solution for cloud telephony within the Microsoft 365 platform: Teams Phone

Do you work with Microsoft 365 products, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook? Then chances are you use Microsoft Teams as your virtual collaboration tool. If you are looking for a way to replace your (outdated) phone system, Microsoft’s solution is seamlessly integrated into your existing environment: Teams Phone.

Microsoft Teams Phone

Teams Phone is easy to use for you and your colleagues. You can make, receive and transfer calls, chat with colleagues and set up video calls from the application you are already familiar with within your organization: you have all the functionalities you want at your fingertips! Duppal helps you integrate the Teams Phone cloud telephony solution into your current workflows.

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The features of Microsoft Teams Phone

Hybrid working and working from home are themes that are becoming increasingly important. This makes it essential to offer a modern telephony solution that fits in with this new way of working. Telephony via the cloud using Teams Phone offers you an optimized way of integrating telephony, receiving calls, setting up a contact center, internal and external chatting and many more features into a single platform: Microsoft 365.

 Make and receive unlimited calls

Communicating over the phone with your customers or with your own team is easier and more economical than ever with Teams Phone. From the application, you can immediately connect to the right person and make international calls via VoIP. Of course, you can also continue to use your traditional telephone network with Teams Phone.

 Runs on all your devices

For users, the implementation of Teams Phone simply means an extra tab within the applications they are already familiar with. Teams Phone can be used on all your devices: on mobile, desktop, in the physical meeting room and even from the car with Apple CarPlay.

 Perfect integration with Microsoft 365

Teams Phone is part of the complete Microsoft 365 suite, which is used by businesses and governments around the world. Integration with tools like Outlook and the Teams collaboration tool makes it easy to share files and collaborate on presentations, all from a single, secure environment.

 All the options you need

Teams Phone works with your current infrastructure, from mobile to desktop. Are you looking for the ultimate solution? You can expand your setup with convenient extras, such as (wireless) headsets, speakerphones for your meeting rooms, landline phones, webcams, digital whiteboards and more – all connected to the Teams Phone solution.

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Integrate with Sippio

A complete cloud collaboration platform

Using your business’ landline number to make phone calls through Microsoft Teams Phone? Sippio’s licenses allow you to use your traditional phone number to make phone calls over the cloud. With that, Sippio offers a cost-efficient alternative to traditional telephony. A 100% cloud solution which is fast and easy to implement and maintain; and provides you with the required insights into your international phone usage and costs.

Duppal offers a complete cloud collaboration platform with Sippio’s licenses for both meeting- and telephony platforms, together with implementation, user adoption and support. The services you can expect from us.

Getting started with Teams Phone

Unique step-by-step approach

towards a streamlined experience

We start by meeting with you and consult with colleagues from various departments. This enables us to create a clear overview of all the different ways in which you currently use telephony. We then create an image of the ideal solution, with a proof of concept. We test this and then get to work on implementing the tool. The next step is ensuring that your modern cloud telephony solution is adopted by all of your colleagues and that everyone in your company is able to use it successfully!


We will talk to you and your colleagues and make an extensive assessment of your current situation


Based on this assessment, we will create a clear wishlist


Together we will create a proof of concept


We ensure that the implementation runs smoothly


We provide training for your colleagues


Even after the implementation we are available for support and questions!

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