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What is cloud telephony?

Calling over the internet

Basically, cloud telephony is calling over the Internet. Cloud telephony is also called Voice over IP: you make phone calls over a digital connection.

Cloud telephony offers several major advantages over calling through a PBX exchange. If the infrastructure is well organized by your IT team, you will have far less trouble with interruptions. Additionally, it is often much more economical than an on-site PBX.

It is also much easier for your colleagues to be available from any location and from any type of device. You can dial into meetings or have a phone conversation with a customer from a computer, a cell phone or even from the car with integrations via for example Apple CarPlay. This makes virtual collaboration much more efficient and increases flexibility: hybrid working becomes even easier and more efficient.

Which cloud telephony tools are available?

There are various tools that facilitate cloud telephony. The two most used tools are Zoom Phone and Microsoft Teams Phone. Both tools are cost-effective and user-friendly ways to make calls over the Internet.

Do you already use Zoom for hybrid working and to host virtual meetings with customers or colleagues? Then Zoom Phone is probably the cloud telephony solution for your business. If you work with the tools of Microsoft 365, then Teams Phone is probably your cloud telephony solution.

Both tools work perfectly with the collaboration tools and other capabilities within the two infrastructures.

Do you have questions about Zoom Phone or Microsoft Teams Phone? Get in touch with us.

Implementing cloud telephony

Duppal provides a seamless transition from your old PBX PBX to a state-of-the-art cloud solution. First of all, we’ll talk to your colleagues from various departments. We make an inventorisation of the ways they currently use telephony and compile a list of requirements. Telephony is often used in places you don’t immediately think of, such as a digital doorbell or an alarm system: we take these things into account as well.

The next step is to draft a plan of action and ensure the technical implementation. We also provide the right training for your colleagues and reference materials such as flyers and videos. The implementation of your tool is only successful when your colleagues don’t want to work without the new cloud telephony solution anymore, that is why a user adoption program is of vital importance: we help you with this too!

Introducing cloud telephony at your company

Are you curious about what cloud telephony can do for your company? Please contact us, we are happy to take a look with you.

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