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What are the benefits of a huddle room?

Hybrid working

Discussing the latest updates on your new campaign with the team, a short brainstorming session to gather new input or having a virtual consultation together with a client: there are several moments every day when you are working in isolation with a small group.
Huddle rooms have become indispensable with the rise of the new hybrid way of working. They offer numerous advantages: you can discuss projects without disturbing your colleagues and you can maintain good contact with people working from a different location.

How does a huddle room work?

A huddle room is a small, enclosed meeting room in which you can quickly and easily meet with a team of about 2 to 6 people. One of the requirements of a huddle room is a screen and virtual meeting facilities. Want to know more about the benefits or setting up a huddle room at your office? Duppal would be happy to help: contact us!

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Discover the benefits of a huddle room

Huddle rooms are appearing in more and more offices. This is for good reason: we find that these small and convenient meeting rooms are considered very helpful by employees in all kinds of different industries. What are the benefits?

  • Both those in the huddle room and colleagues who are not working in the huddle room work more productively. By secluding yourself, the focus of those in the room is entirely on the meeting, and at the same time your colleagues are not disturbed by your conversation.
  • Huddle rooms are fundamentally small spaces, so even the people virtually joining the meeting feel involved.
  • Because the rooms are small, they are easy to set up. In addition, we see that meeting rooms are often booked well in advance and are therefore not available for spontaneous meetings: by setting up several huddle rooms, rooms will be available more often for spontaneous actions.
  • Huddle rooms can be used for many things: brainstorms, virtual meetings, job interviews, webinars, presentations and more. Because they are small and functionally designed, they are perceived as less formal.

Integrating a huddle room with hybrid working

For many people, scheduling and holding a virtual meeting is now as easy as holding a physical meeting. Huddle rooms are ideally suited for holding (short) virtual meetings. This makes them very suitable for companies where hybrid working is common. A meeting with team members working from home can be organized in no time, without disturbing your immediate colleagues.

The Duppal team is happy to help you set up one or more huddle rooms within your company. First, we help you examine your current collaboration solutions and the needs of your colleagues. We then make a proposal for the right software and hardware to suit your needs. We help you integrate these and ensure that your colleagues can and get to work with the huddle room and its facilities.

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