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Tips for sharing files online

Online meetings

Do you regularly work with colleagues who are working from home or at another office? Or are you having a virtual meeting with a client or partner, and want to send them files? There are many ways to share files online, even during a virtual meeting using a tool like Zoom Meetings. We are happy to explain how to share files during a meeting using this efficient collaboration tool.

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Sharing files online with Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings is a rock-solid and popular way to collaborate and share files online during meetings. Sharing files, such as documents or a presentation, is easy. In the Share tab, navigate to Advanced, then select the file you want to share.

Zoom Meetings is a very user-friendly tool: with just a few clicks you can schedule a virtual meeting, invite your colleagues and start the meeting. Are you curious about the possibilities of Zoom Meetings? We are happy to advise you: contact us.

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Do you notice that online collaboration with your colleagues, partners or customers can use a boost? Duppal’s team is committed to get the most out of your virtual meetings.

We have developed a unique working method in which we take the wishes from your colleagues into account, right from step 1. We listen to your entire team: this ensures that your colleagues feel involved in the process and that the implementation will be a great success! Our specialists assist in selecting the tool that suits you, its technical implementation, we provide training and reference materials and we are there for you if there are user questions.

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