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Making calls to landlines via the Internet

Calling over the internet

Calls to landlines over the internet: sounds complicated, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be! While you and your colleagues are probably used to hosting and attending online meetings and webinars, making calls to fixed numbers via the Internet is a rare occurrence these days. Even though you can just as easily call any other number from the same app.

Cloud calling by Zoom Phone combines all these options in one user-friendly app, which is also easy to manage with a convenient platform.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities for making calls to landlines via the Internet? Feel free to contact us: we will be happy to discuss your wishes and the various options with you.

The solution for cloud calling

Do you still use a traditional PBX system? Switching to cloud calling makes organising online meetings, calls, and hosting webinars easier, faster, and more reliable.

Zoom Phone is the cloud calling solution for companies. The application can be arranged entirely according to your preferences. Commonly, all kinds of applications are connected to the fixed telephone line, including things such as the security alarm in your office. We take this into account: practically everything is possible with cloud calling.

Duppal guides you and your colleagues towards cloud calling

Do you already use Zoom for your company, for example to meet and work online? Then the transition to cloud calling is easy. Calling via the cloud works from the same application that you already use on different digital devices and via the app on your phone.

In the transition to cloud calling, it is important that your colleagues have confidence in the new tool(s) they will be using. To ensure that the implementation of the tool is a great success, we take your team from step one all the way through the process. We start the conversation with them to discuss how they use telephony and whether they have specific wishes.

By involving everyone in the process, user integration will be a huge success. Of course, we help by providing training and by compiling documentation tailored to your needs.

Any questions during or after the implementation? Then our Meet Duppal Support team is ready for you.

What can Zoom Phone do for your business? We look forward to seeing you, please feel free to contact us.

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