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How long can you use Zoom for free?


When you use a free version of Zoom, you can still have a meeting for a maximum of 40 minutes with up to 100 participants. After these 40 minutes the participants are automatically removed from the meeting.

After the automatic ending of the meeting you can create another meeting, send everyone the correct link and then, when everyone has managed to log in again, resume your meeting. However, this is very time-consuming and frustrating.

Do you want to be able to organize longer meetings or host a meeting with a larger group of attendees? Then you will have to use a paid version of Zoom. Zoom consists of several tools and offers various licensing options.

Zoom’s hybrid working solutions include the following tools:

The Duppal team is happy to explore your needs and those of your colleagues. This way, we will come to a plan for the ideal Zoom implementation for your company. Our experienced trainers will then provide training sessions and we will remain available after the implementation to answer all your questions.

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