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Useful tips for online meetings in a large group

Online meetings

Do you notice that online meetings in a large group often feel a bit disorganized? With our tips you can make sure your team has more efficient, structured and inspiring online meetings.

Tip 1: treat the online meeting like a regular meeting

Basically, an online meeting, whether with a large group or just a few colleagues, is the same as a meeting in the physical meeting room at the office. So go into the online meeting as you would into a physical one! Prepare, designate a chairperson and actively participate.

Designate someone to be in charge. It is simply more difficult to pick up on non-verbal communication online: it is up to the chairperson to ensure that the right person is speaking at the right time. Does someone drop out? Or are things not quite going according to plan? The chairperson ensures that this is resolved;
Especially in an online meeting with a large group of participants, the conversation can go in any direction. Make sure you have an agenda with the topics that need to be discussed, so you keep the focus on the right issues;
As with a physical meeting, it is useful to have someone take notes so appoint a note taker.

Tip 2: choose the right software

There are various softwares for online meetings, such as:

Is your company looking for the perfect virtual collaboration tool for online meetings, exchanging files and more? The software that best suits your company depends on the wishes of your colleagues and your IT department.

Duppal is happy to take a look with you. We will talk to you and your colleagues from different departments to get a clear overview of all your wishes. Then we will draw up a plan and get to work on implementing the ideal software and training your colleagues, enabling them to hold successful online meetings.

Tip 3: make sure everyone can use the software

Do you have the right software for online meetings? Then make sure your colleagues know how to use the software. Duppal is also happy to help you with this. Our experienced trainers can provide training, reference books for your software and our Meet Duppal Support team is ready to answer all your questions.

Tip 4: use the possibilities of your software

Whatever tool you use for online meetings in a large group, it probably has more features than you use.

For example, most virtual collaboration tools have a chat function that you can use during the online meeting. This is very useful: it allows you to share files with each other or communicate when someone has problems with their sound or their connection.

Do you know the “Raise Hand” function? If you want to speak in a physical meeting, you can stand up or raise your hand – this way it is immediately clear that you want to say something. It works exactly the same in the virtual meeting room. Virtual collaboration tools have a “Raise Hand” feature, with which you indicate that you want to say something. The host of the meeting receives a signal and can give you the (virtual) floor.

Want to know more about the possibilities of collaboration tools like Zoom Meetings, Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex? Get in touch with us.

Need help with hosting meetings with a large group?

With the rise of hybrid work, where colleagues work partly from home and occasionally in the office, the number of online meetings has also increased. Are you looking for a new virtual collaboration tool to better facilitate online meetings with a large group or do you have other questions about virtual collaboration? Feel free to contact us, our team is ready to help you.

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