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Borders are disappearing, making the ability to collaborate across different departments, time zones or even beyond organizational borders, a critical factor of success. As core competences are spread throughout your (international) offices, people need a way to find each other and connect. They need a space to create, share and get work done together, everywhere and at all times. What better place than the limitless cloud?

Start buidling your modern workplace

In order to build a future-proof workplace, you have to provide employees with technology that supports new ways of working. Cloud collaboration tools answer to the need for a space to create, share and get work done together, everywhere and at all times. Are you curious how cloud collaboration tools can benefit your business? Duppal can advise you on the following collaboration tools:

The benefits of cloud

Cloud collaboration makes remote teamwork more effective and affordable. It allows team members to work together on files and documents that are accessible, shareable and editable, no matter where and when they work. Video conferencing, screen sharing and live conversations make collaboration easier and more fun. Add to this the other benefits of cloud collaboration, and you understand the cloud-hype:

  • No infrastructure
  • Connectable with any device
  • Cost effective
  • Scalable and flexible

Beyond tech

Getting a cloud collaboration tool is one thing, getting employees to actually use it, is another. To get the most out of cloud collaboration, users need to embrace the tool and learn how to use it effectively. In our user adoption programs, we look past the core technology and focus on your people. We make sure your cloud collaboration tool becomes an essential part of their daily work life, by increasing acceptance, understanding and adoption.

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We can help you get your cloud collaboration tool and bring it to the work floor. With our multivendor approach, we offer you a wide range of high-quality collaboration tools. We’re happy to inform you about the possibilities.

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