Zooming into fun: explore the most engaging Zoom features for interactive online meetings



21 July 2023

immersive view zoom

Welcome to the captivating world of Zoom, where meetings are not only productive but also incredibly enjoyable! Zoom offers a range of fantastic features that elevate your meetings and provide you with the opportunity to be creative and interactive, even in remote settings. So, let go of traditional meetings, and let’s dive into the most visually engaging and exciting Zoom features.

Virtual Backgrounds

Transport yourself to any location without leaving your desk! Zoom’s virtual backgrounds enable you to immerse yourself in a tropical paradise, a bustling cityscape, or even the vastness of space. A great icebreaker for team-building and a chance to bring a smile to your colleagues’ faces.

Zoom meeting avatars


Give yourself a digital makeover and become whoever you want to be! Zoom’s avatars allow you to transform into a superhero, a fairy-tale character, or even an adorable animal, injecting a playful twist into every meeting. Remember, laughter is contagious, so starting with a fun avatar sets the tone for the entire team.

Audio Effects

Infuse your meetings with a festive atmosphere using Zoom’s audio effects. Play music to celebrate, use sound effects to break the ice, or add a laughter track to enhance humor. Turn every Monday morning meeting into an uplifting experience!

Touch Up My Appearance

It’s Monday morning, and you’re not quite camera-ready? No problem! With the Touch Up My Appearance feature, you can subtly digitally enhance your look, making you appear fresher and more presentable to your virtual audience. No one will know you’re feeling a bit tired!

immersive view zoom

Immersive View

Take your colleagues on a virtual journey to another world. Zoom’s Immersive View feature places all participants in a shared virtual space, creating the illusion that you’re together in a theater, on a beach, or in a magical forest. A fantastic way to boost engagement and break free from the monotony of video boxes!

With these creative and engaging Zoom features, remote meetings become a delightful experience you won’t want to miss. So, do your most captivating avatar, enable audio effects, and unleash your creativity during your next Zoom meeting. Because why stick to the mundane when you can enjoy the playful side of collaboration? Happy Zooming!

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