Duppal at Zoom’s Data Privacy Event



7 October 2022

On the 10th of October, we will be present at Zoom’s Data Privacy Event. At this event we will discuss the Dutch and American views on data privacy, with representatives from the government, SURF, Zoom and academic institutes.

Duppal is experienced in guiding educational institutions with the implementation of collaboration tools. As part of SURF, we are part of the Digital Purchase System. This means that SURF members can easily purchase their collaboration licenses and associated services via the DPS system, in accordance with SURF’s requirements.

This prevents a long tender process and it is, therefore, safe and in line with the market to purchase your software and additional services from us via the SURF route.

Security is our top priority. Duppal works together with the University of Amsterdam, Auris, the Wageningen University and Research Centre and Cultuureducatie, among others.

Are you curious about the possibilities of Zoom for your educational institution? Read more about Zoom & Duppal for education.

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