3rd place for Cultuurconnectie, Duppal & Zoom at Computable Awards 2022



6 October 2022

Yesterday night, the Computable Awards 2022 took place. Together with Cultuurconnectie and Zoom, we were nominated with our partner project ‘Online Teaching’. We are proud to announce that we ended up at the 3rd place in the category ‘Partner Project’.

During the initial period of Covid-19, there was considerable time pressure to continue activities online due to the closure of the physical locations, infections among staff and students and the fear of participants going to physical locations for education.

Within a short time, thousands of teachers had to be guided to switch to online teaching with a suitable solution, the Zoom platform, and were in need of training as well.

How did we manage to resolve this issue with our partners?

Within weeks, the Duppal team helped 4,000 teachers continue their lessons. And that with the help of Zoom and Cultuurconnectie. In this way, these teachers could continue to give lessons to their students. We provided a fast and effective adoption process of the tool.

Sadly enough not the winners, however, we have certainly enjoyed the evening together with our partners. We are grateful for ending up 3rd place and proud that we have achieved this result together with Cultuurconnectie and Zoom!

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