Duppal becomes Zoom video conferencing partner in the Netherlands



Jun 21, 2018 10:07:32 AM

AMSTERDAM – Duppal, Dutch cloud collaboration, consultancy and user adoption program supplier, is one of the first official Zoom partners in the Netherlands. Founded in 2011, Zoom has evolved into a leading global player in the video conferencing market over the past few years. Duppal now delivers Zoom video-conferencing solutions in the Netherlands, which is good news for Dutch companies that are (re)defining their unified communications approach. Zoom offers a great video collaboration solution at an affordable price, which makes them an attractive option for organizations that are looking for an effective budget-friendly solution. This is one of the many reasons Duppal decided to join forces with Zoom to help companies embrace the best collaboration technology.


Today, many companies are working on their digital strategy. They are also becoming increasingly aware that smart collaboration tools contribute to the efficiency of their processes. Better remote communications result in better cooperation and a faster time to market, which in turn lead to increased sales and growth. At the same time, the collaboration software market is highly fragmented, making it hard for companies to select the right communication tools. Duppal helps them in making the right decision, by focusing on the end-user rather than looking at technical specifications. This approach is in line with the vision of Zoom founder Eric Yuan, who has a unique focus on customer happiness. Brahim Radouane, Commercial Director at Duppal states: “We always focus on the end-user experience in their daily work activities. This way, we can advise companies on the best tool for their users and processes.”

Smart collaboration in Huddle rooms

Thanks to its many collaboration features and solutions, Zoom is a great fit for the needs of any organization. They also offer a unique solution for huddle rooms which are common in most new offices. With minimal investment, Zoom enables companies to transform a small meeting room into a complete video conferencing experience. All they need is simple audiovisual equipment such as a screen and a webcam. The Zoom service is both user-friendly and reliable, and provides users with high quality video and audio, even at low bandwidth. Participants easily schedule and set up instant meetings. Starting or joining a meeting only takes the push of a button. The Zoom platform also offers a number of additional options, such as webinars and international dial-out and dial-in.

Partner in videoconferencing

Through the partnership with Zoom, Duppal expands their product portfolio with an accessible and flexible solution for video conferencing. In addition to the benefits of Zoom, the full integration possibilities with existing videoconferencing systems and
Skype for Business were determining factors for Duppal. After all, tools such as Skype for Business are used by many of their customers. Brahim Radouane: “Zoom is a tool that suits many organizations. Thanks to their full collaboration features, every company can take full advantage of video conferencing in their own way. ”


Editorial note

For more information, please contact:
Debby Kappetijn
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About Duppal

Duppal is a vendor of several cloud collaboration and video conferencing tools. Thanks to their wide experience with multiple technologies, they are able to advise clients on their complete UC strategy and interoperability. In all of Duppal’s activities, they strive for smart collaboration through optimal teamwork, supported by functional tools that match the needs of the end-users. Smart collaboration is about making working lives easier, increasing productivity and reducing stress. When implemented and adopted successfully, smart collaboration increases productivity while making remote teamwork easier and more fun.


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