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Do your colleagues ever work from home or from other locations? Recently, hybrid work has rapidly become indispensable. That is why it is important for companies to facilitate the right tools. With cloud telephony you choose a convenient way for your colleagues to be available at all times, from the office, from home and even in the car. Want to organize virtual meetings or host a webinar? No problem with the right meeting solutions.

User services

But how do you ensure that your colleagues actually start using these new tools? Duppal has developed a unique user adoption program that helps you implement the tool among your colleagues. And do you have questions, even after the implementation of your tools? Our Meet Duppal Support team is there to help. With our user services we guide and provide support, from selecting the right tools to answering the questions of your colleagues after implementation.

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Your colleagues can’t wait to get started!

Are you looking for a way to improve virtual collaboration within your company? Whatever tool you choose: the success of the implementation depends on the way your colleagues use the tool.

Duppal has developed a unique user adoption program that helps your team adopt tools for the long term. At the start of the project, we talk to your colleagues from various departments to assess their needs. This ensures that they are immediately involved in the project and will be more eager to use the tool. Whether your new tool is a cloud telephony solution or a collaboration tool like Microsoft Teams or Zoom Meetings: your colleagues can’t wait to test the new features and successfully implement the tools in their daily work routine!

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Always collaborate successfully with the right support

After implementing a collaboration tool like Microsoft Teams, or the transition to cloud telephony with a tool such as, Zoom Phone, we make sure your colleagues are trained and can get to work successfully with the tool. Still, questions may arise about features or when an update to the software is available.

With a Meet Duppal Support contract you get access to the Meet Duppal Room. This is an online platform where you can directly contact our support specialists. This is where your colleagues can ask their questions and where we share information about the latest updates and features.

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A successful transition to hybrid working for Basic-Fit

“I also now know that the introduction of such an application is not as complicated and daunting as you would think, because people are more than willing to adopt it!”

– Franklin de Vocht, IT Director at Basic-Fit.

From idea to implementation and support: Duppal is your partner

Are you looking for a new collaboration tool to make virtual meetings more efficient or are you considering making the switch to cloud telephony? We like to think along with you! With our unique user adoption program we ensure that the implementation of the tool will be a great success. The users of the tool, your colleagues, are the focal point from step one!

We understand that even after the implementation you may have questions. After the implementation of the tool, your colleagues can still contact us for help with specific questions.

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