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Time for an upgrade of your telephony environment? Embrace the future with cloud telephony

Experience the power of cloud telephony for seamless communication and enhanced teamwork. Discover how cloud telephony revolutionizes the way you connect and collaborate.

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Cloud telephony

Optimize your telephony solution with the power of the cloud. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional physical telephone exchanges – they’re hard to manage, inflexible, and costly. Embrace cloud telephony through tools like Zoom Phone or Microsoft Teams Phone for a user-friendly, centrally managed solution. Enjoy seamless calling from anywhere, integrate various systems, and reap the benefits of cloud telephony!

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Reliable and user friendly cloud telephony with Zoom Phone

If your company has already embraced Zoom Meetings as your collaboration tool and you’re now seeking a cloud-based phone system, look no further than Zoom Phone. With a user-friendly application accessible from mobile, desktop, and meeting rooms, you can effortlessly make and receive calls using a business phone number. Manage your phone system easily from a single dashboard, gaining valuable insights into your data. Discover the power of Zoom Phone today!

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The Office 365 cloud telephony solution: Microsoft Teams Phone

Microsoft Teams Phone seamlessly integrates with the tools you already use, including Teams collaboration, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Switch effortlessly from your familiar Teams applications to making and receiving calls, both internally and externally. Enjoy virtual meetings and chat functionalities at your fingertips.

With Microsoft Teams Phone, you can handle practical matters such as answering external calls, call diversion and forwarding, managing voicemails, switching between devices, and even making calls in your car via Apple CarPlay. Experience the comprehensive cloud-based telephony solution that Teams Phone offers. 

Which solution is right for you? Duppal helps you find out

Zoom Phone and Microsoft Teams Phone offer customizable solutions for your telephony needs. If you already use Zoom Meetings or Microsoft Teams for collaboration, their respective telephony solutions may be the perfect fit for your organization.

Our experts will assess your telephony requirements, address any challenges with your current solution, and create a tailored plan for implementation. With proper documentation and training, we ensure a seamless adoption of the new tool and improved ways of working.

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