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Time for an upgrade to your telephony environment? Cloud telephony is the way forward

Do you and your colleagues collaborate online? Automatically synchronizing documents in the cloud and hosting virtual meetings with Zoom Meetings, Microsoft Teams or another virtual collaboration tool: the new way of working is safe, easy and particularly suitable for hybrid and remote workers.

Cloud telephony

Your telephony solution can also be facilitated via the cloud. An ‘old-fashioned’ solution with a physical telephone exchange is difficult to manage, not flexible and often expensive. Telephony via the cloud using a tool like Zoom Phone or Microsoft Teams Phone is a user-friendly solution that can be centrally managed. Calling and being called from your office, home or any other location with a fixed number and integrating all kinds of systems: cloud telephony offers many advantages!

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Reliable and user friendly cloud telephony with Zoom Phone

Working at the office, working from home and even working from a location abroad: hybrid working has boomed recently. It is no longer taken for granted that all your colleagues are sitting next to you from 9 to 5. This new way of working requires an upgrade of your processes and the systems you use. Digital collaboration is easy with tools like Zoom Meetings.

Has your company embraced Zoom Meetings as your collaboration tool and are you now looking for a way to also organize your phone system through the cloud? Then Zoom Phone is your solution. From the same user-friendly application on mobile, desktop and from the physical meeting room, you can easily make and receive calls from a business phone number. Zoom Phone is easy to manage from a single dashboard, where you gain insight into all your data.

The Office 365 cloud telephony solution: Teams Phone

Are you working with the Microsoft Office 365 solution within your company and are you considering upgrading your telephony solution? If so, Teams Phone is the perfect solution. Teams Phone can be seamlessly integrated with the tools you are already using, such as the Teams collaboration tool and products like Word, Powerpoint and Outlook.

You can easily switch from the Teams applications you are already using to making and receiving calls, both internally and externally. Virtual meetings and chatting are also made available. Practical matters such as answering external calls, diverting and forwarding calls, voicemails, switching between different devices, and even making calls in your car via Apple CarPlay are possible: Teams Phone offers a very complete solution for telephony in the cloud.

Which solution is right for you? Duppal helps you find out

Both Zoom Phone and Microsoft’s solution, Teams Phone, can be fully customized to your needs. The two platforms offer many possibilities and connect in an intuitive way to the collaboration solutions provided by both parties.

Do you already work with Zoom Meetings or with Microsoft Teams as a solution for virtual collaboration? Then chances are the related telephony solution is also the platform for your company.

Our specialists will be happy to meet with you and your colleagues to discuss the possibilities. We will make an extensive inventory of the ways in which you use telephony, which issues are connected to your current solution and what the ideal situation is for you. Based on this information we draw up a plan and create a proof of concept. Then we go to work with the implementation that best suits your organization and we ensure – with the right documentation and training – a successful adoption of the new tool and the way of working!

Duppal is there for you, from assessing your situation to delivering support

An optimal collaboration is more than just delivering the right licenses: together with you, we ensure that the tool that suits you is deployed successfully.

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