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Need training for online meetings?

Online meetings

Do you regularly meet online with your colleagues, partners or customers, and do you want to make these meetings smoother or more inspiring? We will be happy to help you with training for online meetings.

The Duppal team has long been the specialist in improving hybrid working and online collaboration for companies in all kinds of industries. We are happy to use our experience to train you and your colleagues in online meetings. Would you like to find out more? Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

The right tools for online meetings

Hosting successful and inspiring online meetings starts with choosing the right tools. Zoom Meetings is the platform you can use that makes it easy to plan and host efficient meetings. You can join meetings from any location and with any type of device: via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, it’s even available from the car!

Zoom Meetings works seamlessly with the other tools in Zoom’s portfolio, such as Zoom Webinars and Zoom Phone. From a single user-friendly application, you can efficiently meet online in all kinds of ways.

Duppal provides training for online meetings

We are Zoom Performance Partner: we are happy to use this experience to help you with training for online meetings.

In addition to these training courses, we can help you with the transition to online collaboration on the Zoom platform. Step one in the process is to chat with your colleagues from different departments, this way we can get everyone on board and excited about your new collaboration tool. We then take care of the technical implementation and train everyone to successfully meet online.

Would you like to know more about online meetings, our training courses or our working method? Please feel free to contact us.

Want to know more?

Feel free to contact us.

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