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How to share your screen in Microsoft Teams


Do you use Microsoft Teams as your virtual collaboration tool with your colleagues and want to share your screen during a meeting? You can share your screen in Microsoft Teams by clicking the button at the top of your screen. When you click it, you can choose different ways to share your screen:

  • Share desktop: with this option, you share your complete screen, including all the notifications you receive and everything that appears or passes by on your screen.
  • Window: only your current window will be shared.
  • PowerPoint: sharing a PowerPoint will share the presentation with all participants. You can share PowerPoint presentations through your own computer, as well as through Microsoft 365 tools like SharePoint and OneDrive.
  • Whiteboard: with the useful Whiteboard option, all participants can work together and share notes on a virtual whiteboard in real-time.

Tip: If you choose the desktop sharing option, make sure you don’t have private information or things you don’t want to share visible.

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Making online meetings easier with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is part of Microsoft 365. Integration with tools such as Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint and the other Microsoft 365 tools makes virtual collaboration easier than ever. Working together in files, sharing files with colleagues and quickly starting a meeting via Microsoft Teams: with the Microsoft 365 solution, you work together quickly and efficiently.


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