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Are you looking for the meaning of hybrid working?

Hybrid working

You hear about it regularly on the news, you read about it in the newspaper and maybe it’s even done regularly within your company: hybrid working. But, what exactly is hybrid working? What are the advantages and how do you ensure that hybrid work functions optimally within your organization? If you are looking for the meaning of hybrid working, read on; we will explain it for you!

The meaning of ‘hybrid working’

Hybrid working has become very popular in a short period of time. In hybrid working, working in the office is alternated with working from home or another location. The combination of being partly in the office and partly working from a different location has several advantages. It gives a sense of freedom and saves travel time on the days you work from home. Hybrid work also involves flexible working hours: ideal if, for example, you want to exercise early in the morning or pick up the children from school in the afternoon.

Still, many colleagues and companies do like to come to the office regularly. At the office, you meet your colleagues and so you also discuss issues that are not directly work-related, but are important for team spirit. By working hybrid you have the best of both worlds: connected to the company and a lot of freedom.

Meeting and hybrid working

In the office, a meeting is easily arranged: you agree to meet in a physical space at 10 a.m. and then everyone knows exactly what is expected of them.

When you or (some of) your colleagues work hybrid, regular meetings are also required. Those who work from home can then join the meeting via a virtual collaboration tool. One of the most popular tools is Zoom Meetings.

If the tool is used properly, a digital meeting is at least as easily arranged and inspiring as a physical meeting. Duppal is happy to help you select the tool that fits your company perfectly. We also ensure that your colleagues can and want to get started with the tool.

Duppal helps you improve hybrid working

Do you want to start hybrid working or leverage the benefits of hybrid working with your company? Duppal’s team will help you create a way of working that fits.

We have over 20 years of experience in improving collaboration within companies. We are happy to put this experience to work for you. Our specialists help you and talk to your colleagues. This enables us to arrive at a clear list of requirements, which we then use to propose a suitable tool. We provide the technical implementation of the tool and train your colleagues, so that everyone knows exactly how the tool works and is eager to start using it. Are there any questions or uncertainties after the implementation? The Meet Duppal Support team will help!

Want to learn more about hybrid working? Get in touch with us.

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