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How to raise your hand in Zoom?


As a professional, you have probably attended a virtual meeting with Zoom. Especially since the start of the pandemic, virtual meetings have become the norm. When you want to make a point or add something to the conversation in a physical meeting at the office, you can just raise your hand to draw attention. Did you know that raising your hand is just as easy in a virtual meeting?

During a meeting in Zoom, you can also ‘raise your hand’. The host of the meeting will see that one of the participants has raised his or her hand and can give you the go-ahead to speak at the right time.

Raising your hand in Zoom on your computer (Windows or Mac)

  • Click on the Participants item at the top or bottom of the menu: depending on where your menu is located;
  • This opens the screen with all participants. At the bottom you see the option Raise Hand: click on this option;
  • Now you have virtually raised your hand: the host of the meeting gets a notification and will let you speak;
  • Has your question been answered or is your remark no longer relevant? Then you can put your virtual hand down again by pressing the same button.

Tip: you can raise or remove your hand even more easily with a keyboard shortcut.
On Windows you can do this by pressing Alt + Y simultaneously and switching the Raise your hand option to On or off.

Raising your hand in Zoom on your phone (Android and iPhone)

On your phone, things work just a bit differently. During your meeting on your phone using the Zoom app, this is how it works:

  • At the bottom right of the app, click on More;
  • Click on the option Raise Hand. The host will receive a signal.

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