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How does Zoom work?


Have you ever organized a virtual meeting with Zoom or participated in a Zoom meeting? Zoom is one of the most used collaboration tools and especially since the start of the pandemic there has been a huge increase in the use of Zoom.

With Zoom you can easily organize virtual meetings, but did you know that there are many more possibilities with this tool than just video conferencing with your colleagues? As hybrid working has become the norm in many companies, it is important for companies to accommodate colleagues who work from home. By facilitating the right tools and providing teams with training, you will ensure that your colleagues successfully get started with Zoom.

Duppal is happy to help you with this. From an analysis of which tools suit your company best to the technical implementation and support afterwards: our specialists are there for you. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us.

How do Zoom’s tools work?

Zoom offers several solutions. For example, Zoom Meetings is the tool that allows you to hold online meetings and chat with colleagues as well as external parties. Are you looking for a user-friendly tool to organize webinars? With Zoom Webinars, you can organize webinars with 100 interactive participants (which you can divide into breakout rooms, for example) and an audience of up to 50,000 participants who can watch live!

Zoom Phone is Zoom’s cloud telephony solution. By running telephony through the cloud, you benefit from many advantages over a physical PBX exchange. You can monitor phone usage from a central dashboard, the sound quality is excellent, all your colleagues are easy to reach and you can make calls from any device.

How does Zoom Meetings work?

Arranging a virtual meeting with a colleague via Zoom Meetings is easy. In fact, Zoom Meetings works from just about any device. You can use the tool on your laptop, your phone – you can even dial into a meeting from your car, using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

When you open the application on any of your devices, you can create a meeting. You can then send an invitation via your calendar to your colleague(s), or start a meeting directly and share the ID via email, chat, WhatsApp or any other way.

Participating is easy. Simply click on the link and the application opens: you are in the meeting right away!

Want to know more about how Zoom works?

Zoom tools are packed with lots of useful features. By making your colleagues aware of the benefits of the tool and training them to use Zoom, you will ensure that (virtual) collaboration becomes more successful and inspiring!

Are you looking for a better way to organize hybrid working between your colleagues? Duppal’s team is happy to help. We have developed a unique working method, in which we ensure that the user adoption of the tool is successful. From step one we involve your colleagues in the process, by talking to them and mapping the various ways they communicate. Together with your IT department, we take care of the technical implementation and we are also there for you when questions arise later on. Our Meet Duppal Support team will help you and your colleagues with all your questions.

Want to find out more? Get in touch with us.

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