The convenience of the Pexip meeting room solution for multi-platform video conferencing

Rutger Zeldenrijk

Rutger Zeldenrijk

May 19, 2021

In my previous blog I talked about the challenge of multi-platform video conferencing, with a view to hybrid working. Can the video conferencing systems in your meeting rooms handle the meeting software that has been introduced en masse in the past year? And is the ease with which employees can now switch between meeting platforms on their own device also achievable in the meeting room? In our search for a solution for existing video conferencing systems, we came up with building a connection, a ‘bridge’, between the main meeting platforms and systems within your organization and those of your external partners. In this blog, I would like to introduce you to the best ‘bridge’ currently on the market: the Pexip Enterprise Room Connector.

How does the Pexip Enterprise Room Connector work?

As I explained in my previous blog, traditional video conferencing hardware in the meeting room, also known as VTC systems, do not speak the language of specific meeting software like those from Google, Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Access to this kind of meeting platforms can only be realized with a so-called gateway; a bridge that allows you to dial in to a Teams or Google meeting with a Cisco or Poly system, but also with a Zoom Room, for example. Pexip offers such a gateway in a two-part solution:

  • On the one hand, Pexip makes sure it works technically in the background;
  • On the other hand, the solution offers a number of clever features that optimize the user experience in the meeting room.


The foundation: Pexip CVI for Microsoft Teams

The foundation of the Pexip solution lies in the technical part: the CVI solution. Access to Microsoft Teams is only possible with an external, certified gateway. At the time of the Microsoft announcement of CVI, Pexip was immediately designated as a Microsoft-certified solution. As a result, there is a close relationship between Pexip and Microsoft, which naturally benefits the solution.

This CVI service can be purchased separately, thus creating a strong technical foundation. To make the meeting room experience as good and easy as possible for the user, Pexip offers a number of useful additional services. All these services come together in the Enterprise Room Connector license.


5 advantages of the Pexip Enterprise Room Connector

Pexip’s Enterprise Room Connector license offers your organization a number of important advantages:

  1. One Touch Join A link to your Outlook or Google calendar of the meeting room, reads the calendar and converts the Teams, Webex or Zoom meeting information it contains into a simple start button. Users do not need to look for dial-up information in the invitation to join a meeting.
  2. No calendar information is transmitted to Pexip, which is very nice in terms of privacy and security.
    By setting up trusted devices, you ensure that your own meeting rooms get direct access to a meeting, while external meeting rooms are placed in the virtual waiting room. Or choose to fully register your video conferencing rooms on Pexip.
  3. Opportunities for branding the meeting joining layout, such as the virtual lobby.
  4. Pexip works with a flexible cloud subscription where you pay per room. It therefore offers a good alternative to buying (new) expensive equipment to make your rooms suitable for a particular meeting platform.


How to set up the Pexip multiplatform solution properly

Pexip offers a number of smart building blocks, but they need to be put together in a way that works best for your organization. No two environments are the same. To make it as easy as possible for the user, it is important to take a good look in advance at how your environment works.

At Duppal, we can help you determine the right setup. We know the different meeting platforms and what is involved in connecting them in a way that makes sense to the users. We support the technical implementation but also activation, training and documentation. In addition, we can provide long-term help with new questions, platforms and use cases.

Read more about our unique approach

Pexip can crack the multi-platform code

In the world of video conferencing, Pexip can best be regarded as a Swiss army knife: the underlying technology makes it possible for all types and sizes of meeting hardware and software to work with each other. And although that technology forms the basis, Pexip has developed a large number of clever features around it that make the link very user-friendly. This combination means that Pexip truly offers a solution that allows you, as an organization, to tackle the issue of multi-platform video conferencing in a good way.

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