User Adoption for organization-wide video conferencing

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Rolling out a new video conferencing platform and virtual collaboration tools seems like the right strategic move. However, getting all stakeholders involved to get on board may be challenging. A successful implementation depends on the acceptance of the user. Yet, users are often resistant to change. Employees have likely grown accustomed to a specific set of tools or habits. So it takes the right type of approach to get users to adopt a new platform.

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User Adoption programs by Duppal

“When employees can’t and don’t want to do without a tool anymore, you know that the adoption has been successful”

Duppal assists by providing training and setting up internal communication campaigns for your organization. After discussing the best strategy, choosing the right platform and implementing it organization-wide, stakeholders will need to be informed, trained and guided. To get the most out of the conferencing platform and its online collaboration tools.

How Duppal makes successful user adoption a reality

With our unique user adoption program, we ensure that employees will be able to hold an effective virtual meeting in no time. Using all collaboration tools that come with the video conferencing platform. How? Through our four tried-and-tested pillars of success.

Set up of policies

Based on our extensive experience with many usage scenarios, we draw up policies for your use cases. Whether it's video conferencing with foreign offices, a remote consultation or organizing a webinar.

Internal communication and promotion

Our user adoption program guarantees the necessary involvement of all employees. Duppal sets up an extensive communication campaign. Before you know it, your new collaboration tool will go viral!

User training

Our (certified) trainers provide basic and advanced user training and Q&A sessions. At your location or fully virtual, but always with a good dose of enthusiasm and inspiration.

Reference works

We ensure that after the training, employees have all the reference material they need to get started themselves. Think of videos, manuals and quick reference cards, in Dutch or English.

"Duppal organized training and an internal communication campaign for Zoom. The launch was really great. There was a tremendously positive vibe, and there still is”.

Peter Oggel - Chief Technology Officer at Irdeto

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Our unique approach

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Lay a strong foundation for effective collaboration

Effective remote collaboration is more important than ever. But how do you go about it? We enter into dialogue with users and arrive at a concrete step-by-step plan for effective remote collaboration.

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User Adoption training and workshops

Duppal has developed several training sessions and workshops in which people learn to understand and appreciate a collaboration tool.

(Online) training

Let’s get started with Zoom Meetings

(Online) training

Let’s get started with Zoom Webinar

(Online) training

Online events with Zoom Meetings

Introductory programme

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Leading virtual teams effectively

Our online meeting solutions

We help large organizations find the right set of tools for your online meeting needs. Already using a number of different platforms, like Zoom, Hangout or Teams, and want to integrate this with your meeting room? Multiplatform is the solution you are looking for.
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