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A good strategy is the foundation

Colleagues who work from home, collaborating with freelancers who are sometimes even located on the other side of the world and hosting meetings with clients from all over the world: virtual collaboration has quickly become the norm.


Successful virtual collaboration starts with a smart approach. Which technology suits you best? And how do you ensure that your employees embrace these tools? The Duppal team has over 20 years of experience: we are happy to put this to work for you and collaborate with you on a strategy and a practical roadmap. Based on our unique working method, we will involve your team from the very beginning to ensure that virtual collaboration becomes a success.

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A solution for every collaboration challenge

Are you looking for a way to improve your internal and external virtual collaboration? Or is your current tool not working optimally and are you looking for a partner that helps you improve the implementation or use of your collaboration tools? We gladly help you find out how virtual collaboration can be used more effectively. In 4 steps, we will come up with a strategic approach for your specific challenge.

 Mapping out your objectives

Collaboration tools should contribute to your business goals in the best way possible. First we look at what processes work and at which workflows can be improved. Then we map out your business requirements.

 Interviews with users

From step one, we involve the end users of the tools – your colleagues – in the process. By involving them in the project at an early stage, we ensure that they feel that they are a part of the process of implementing the right solution. This will make the adoption of the tool a huge success!

 Create collaboration scenarios

By conferring with your colleagues from various departments, we come up with an overview of all the possible collaboration scenarios. For each scenario, we look at whether it is already facilitated by your current solutions, or if it requires a new tool or way of working.

Exploring the market

Now that we have a clear picture of the requirements of your colleagues, we start working with your IT team on the technical requirements. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the market and experience with the various tools, we can also help with RFPs and, if required, provide support for a Proof of Concept.

What is your collaboration challenge? We are happy to think along with you!

“The analysis phase clearly showed that our employees needed a tool that would always do the job and would be easy to use. We had to turn frustration into happiness.”

Peter Oggel – Chief Technology Officer at Irdeto

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