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Zoom VoIP phone

Calling over the internet

Are you looking for a modern replacement for your old PBX phone system? Or do you want to update your business telecommunications? Then VoIP calling via Zoom Phone is the platform for you! Together with the other tools provided by Zoom, such as Zoom Meetings, Zoom Webinars and Zoom Rooms, you can set up a strong platform that enables you to optimise the way you facilitate online collaboration and hybrid work.

Duppal is happy to help you with the transition to VoIP calling with Zoom Phone. Feel free to contact us to discuss your preferences and the options available to you.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol: this means that you call wirelessly over the Internet. There are several systems and platforms that allow you to make calls in this way. Zoom Phone is a very user-friendly and efficient tool to implement VoIP calling.

VoIP offers several advantages over traditional analogue calls:
The sound quality is better;
You can be reached anytime and anywhere, because you are not bound by a fixed telephone line;
Call, organise and attend meetings, update your email: it can all be done from one device.

Want to know more about the benefits of VoIP via Zoom Phone? Please contact us.

Duppal helps you with the integration of Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone allows you to make calls over the Internet with VoIP. Zoom also offers you various other tools, which you can use to collaborate efficiently, and in a dynamic way, with colleagues and customers, from a single application on your phone or on your computer.

Zoom Phone is a fantastic solution, especially for companies that have many employees working hybrid. We would like to start the conversation with you and your colleagues to clarify your preferences. We engage colleagues from all departments: everyone is involved in the project right from the start.

After creating a strong plan of action, we will start with the technical implementation. Of course, we provide training for all employees, so that they can successfully get started with VoIP calling via Zoom Phone. After the implementation, our Meet Duppal Support team is ready to answer any questions.

Would you like to know more about VoIP calling with Zoom Phone or what switching to this tool can do for your company? Please contact us.

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