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How do you mute someone on Microsoft Teams?


Microsoft Teams has quickly become one of the most popular options for virtual meetings. Teams is very user-friendly and because it is part of the Microsoft 365 Suite, it seamlessly connects with programs such as Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel.

During a virtual meeting in Teams, there may be some noise from one of the participants in the meeting. Children, pets, roommates, a doorbell: there are many reasons why you might want to mute the sound of one of your colleagues.

Fortunately, the host of the meeting can mute the sound of specific participants, which works as follows:

  • Click on the Show participants icon in the menu;
  • Select the participant whose sound you want to mute and click on the three dots next to their name;
  • Choose the Mute participant option;
  • The participant is now muted. Your colleague can now turn the microphone back on.

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