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How to organize a Zoom meeting?


Thanks to the rapid rise of hybrid working, Zoom Meetings has quickly become one of the most widely used solutions for organizing virtual meetings. And with good reason: the tool is very user-friendly and organizing a Zoom meeting can be done in no time. You can organize a Zoom Meeting via the Zoom app, an online Zoom portal or through Outlook, and easily participate in meetings through these channels.

Tips for successfully organizing a Zoom meeting:

  • A Zoom meeting works just like a physical meeting in the conference room at the office. Therefore, approach a virtual meeting in the same way: prepare yourself and actively participate.
  • Make sure you prepare a set agenda with the different points you want to discuss, this way you can work efficiently.
  • It is useful to keep notes: appoint a note taker.
  • Send out invitations to participants on time. This works almost the same as scheduling a physical meeting. You send a link (from Outlook or another mail program) along with the invitation to the virtual meeting room, so that the participants can enter the right meeting room with one click.
  • Do your colleagues work partly in the office and partly from home? Be sure to take a clear inventory of who works where: you may still need to reserve a physical meeting room.

Want to learn more about organizing a Zoom Meeting or are you looking for more information about implementing the perfect virtual collaboration solution for your company? Get in touch with us.

Collaborate efficiently and inspiringly with Zoom

For many companies, Zoom Meetings is the tool to collaborate virtually with colleagues working from home or with external parties. The app excels in user-friendliness and makes it easy for anyone to join a meeting at any time from any type of device. By using Zoom Meetings correctly, you ensure that your colleagues can interact with each other in an accessible way. This allows them to collaborate efficiently, whether they are working from home, the office or another location.

In addition to Zoom’s Meetings tool, you can easily organize webinars with Zoom Webinars and enjoy the benefits of cloud telephony with Zoom Phone. These applications work perfectly together, from Zoom’s user-friendly app.

Want to know more about Zoom Meetings?

Do your colleagues frequently work from home and do you notice that the mutual collaboration can be improved? We are happy to help you implement the virtual collaboration solution that suits you. We have developed a unique method for this: from step one we involve your colleagues in the process.

By first talking to your team(s), we ensure that the wishes of your colleagues are included and that they immediately feel involved in the project. Next, we propose a solution that suits you, help with the technical implementation and train the users.

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