Elevate your Zoom Rooms with seamless Multiplatform meetings



28 August 2023

Ever thought about effortlessly joining a Teams meeting right from your Zoom Room?

Multiplatform is a game-changer for organizations aiming to optimize their meeting rooms. It bridges the gap between modern video meeting platforms and existing meeting room devices, delivering a hassle-free user experience while building upon your existing Zoom Rooms investments.

But what about compatibility with other meeting platforms? Which solution provides the best user experience with top-notch audio and video quality? Not all third-party videoconferencing solutions are equal.

Interoperability for Zoom Rooms

By default, Zoom Rooms don’t support joining meetings from platforms other than Zoom. To supercharge your Zoom Rooms for multiplatform meetings, step one is to enable the ‘Support Interoperability for Zoom Rooms’ feature on the Zoom Portal. This simple action opens the doors to various meeting platforms such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex.

One Touch Join

Who doesn’t love walking into a meeting room and finding everything set up for action? The era of manual meeting dial-ins seems distant. Here’s the good news: Zoom Rooms offer One Touch Join for Zoom meetings and several third-party platforms. You just need to invite the Zoom Room to your online meeting.




Crafting the optimal Multiplatform mix

Here’s where ‘supercharge’ truly shines. Discover your organization’s ideal multiplatform mix with Zoom’s support for:

  • Parsing SIP-enabled Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex meeting calendar events for effortless One Touch Join.
  • Web client meetings’ (a.k.a. Direct Guest Join) for Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex.
  • Adding Meet, Teams and/ or Webex join buttons on the Zoom Room Controller home screen for manual dialing a Meeting ID

What’s more? You can prioritize the best multiplatform experience, ensuring fallback to the ‘web client meeting’ when needed (especially if the inviting organization doesn’t offer a SIP gateway). Your meetings will always start without a hitch!

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