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Zoom Phone training

Calling over the internet

Do you want to know more about cloud calling technology and are you interested in a Zoom Phone Training course? You are at the right place at Duppal: we are a Zoom Performance Partner and we are happy to train you and your colleagues in all the ins and outs of Zoom Phone.

In addition to providing training on Zoom Phone, we can also help you implement Zoom Phone or one of Zoom’s other tools in your organisation. Together with you and your colleagues, we look at your wishes and based on this we create a plan of action. Next, we will work on the technical implementation, user adoption and giving training to your colleagues. Together, we ensure that the implementation is a huge success.

Want to know more about Zoom Phone or follow a Zoom Phone training course? Please feel free to contact us.

The cloud calling technology solution

Do you still work in the office with an old PBX station? Then it’s time to make the switch to cloud calling! Zoom Phone is the ultimate solution when it comes to cloud calling technology.

  • Organise your cloud calling environment from a convenient dashboard;
  • Meetings, webinars, telephony and more from one platform;
  • The advantages of cloud calling and the familiar options of a landline in 1 app;
  • Your colleagues can be reached anywhere on their landline number;
  • Cloud calling technology is fast and reliable.

Cloud calling, meetings and webinars in one app

Zoom’s platform consists of more than just cloud calling. Especially since the start of the pandemic, working from home has risen dramatically: this has been made possible by the solution for virtual collaboration with Zoom, Zoom Meetings. With this tool, chatting and virtual meetings are as fast, accessible and interactive as meeting in the office.

Zoom Webinars is the solution for organising and hosting webinars. With this user-friendly tool you can easily host webinars for up to 50,000 viewers!

These tools are part of Zoom’s platform and can be used from the same app on your phone or computer.

More about Zoom Phone training

Duppal is ready to help you with the implementation of Zoom Phone or one of the other tools of Zoom. Of course, we also provide the necessary training, so that you and your colleagues can immediately start working successfully with Zoom Phone.

Do you already use Zoom Phone, but do you regularly have questions about the use of the tool? Our team provides Zoom Phone training for all levels.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your preferences and the options available to you.

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