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What is Multiplatform and how does it work?

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When we consider the Multiplatform Challenge, we’re referring to the need for organizations to join various types of meetings across different platforms. While working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, it was relatively easy to join meetings from our laptops, effortlessly switching between tools and platforms. However, the situation becomes more complex when it comes to meeting room environments.

Meeting rooms often consist of neutral setups, such as Poly or Cisco SIP rooms, or platform-specific rooms designed for a particular collaboration tool. The challenge arises when organizations want to join both internal and external meetings from these rooms, resulting in a disconnected experience for users. This is precisely the issue we aim to address and discuss with you.

What is Multiplatform?

Multiplatform refers to the ability to connect and collaborate seamlessly from meeting rooms across different meeting platforms. It enables users to bridge the gap between various tools, allowing them to join meetings, share content, and communicate effortlessly. With Multiplatform solutions, teams can break down barriers imposed by platform restrictions and join online meetings, regardless of the tool they prefer to use.

How does Multiplatform work?

Multiplatform solutions utilize advanced interoperability capabilities to connect meeting rooms and integrate various meeting platforms. These solutions act as a bridge, allowing users in meeting rooms to join meetings hosted on different platforms and interact seamlessly. By leveraging standardized protocols and intelligent routing, Multiplatform solutions ensure smooth communication and data sharing across platforms, enhancing the overall meeting experience.

Can I use my existing video conferencing equipment with Multiplatform?

Absolutely! Multiplatform is designed to work seamlessly with your existing video conferencing equipment, ensuring that you can leverage your current investments without the need for expensive upgrades or replacements.

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