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Changing your background in Zoom


The rapid increase of hybrid work has resulted in us regularly working from home or even from a completely different location. With the right video conferencing tools and solutions, online meetings become effortless. By choosing a background in your company’s house style during virtual meetings, you create a professional image.

How can I change my background in Zoom?

Do you use Zoom as a virtual collaboration tool? You can easily change your background in Zoom. Follow these steps to set up or modify your background in Zoom.

  • Step 1: Sign in to Zoom. If you don’t have a Zoom business video conferencing account yet, you can contact Duppal. We will train you and your colleagues and ensure successful user adoption throughout the organization;
  • Step 2: on the home screen, go to settings;
  • Step 3: on the left side of the screen you will see the option ‘virtual background’. Click on it;
  • Step 4: by clicking on the plus sign you can upload an image;
  • Step 5: (This step is optional: if this is the first time you are setting a background image, Zoom may ask you to download a package. Click on download to continue);
  • Step 6: Have you completed all of these steps? Then you are ready for the next virtual meeting!


Note: Make sure there is enough light in the room so that the software can properly determine what should and should not be masked. If it is too dark or overexposed, you may (partially) disappear into the background.
Is your organization looking for a solution to facilitate virtual meetings or hybrid working or to get more out of your current tools? Feel free to contact Duppal. We will gladly help you choose the right conferencing and collaboration tool.

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