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How to use Zoom?


You can hardly avoid it anymore: virtual meetings via tools like Zoom. In recent years, working from home and hybrid working have gained tremendous popularity. Many companies have experienced the benefits and facilitate the “new way of working” for their colleagues.

But, how do you use Zoom optimally? The Duppal team will gladly help you implement the tool in a way that suits your company. We support you with practical tips, training and reference material, so virtual meetings are at least as efficient and inspiring as a physical meeting at the office!

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What can Zoom be used for?

´Zoom´ usually refers to Zoom’s virtual collaboration tool, Zoom Meetings. However, in addition to Zoom Meetings, Zoom offers several other tools that make online collaboration easy and more inspiring.

For example, Zoom Webinars is the tool for organizing webinars: from training sessions for your colleagues to webinars for a large audience: up to 50,000 participants can watch your webinar live via the tool!

Are you looking for a modern way to run telephony through the cloud? Zoom has the solution: Zoom Phone. With Zoom Phone you can integrate cloud telephony with your virtual collaboration tool and into your daily work routines. All of Zoom’s tools fit together perfectly and can be operated from one convenient app.

How to use Zoom Meetings?

Zoom Meetings is an easy and very user-friendly tool for virtual meetings. The tool works on any device: you can use it on your phone, on your computer, via hardware in the physical meeting room and even in the car, via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Do you want to get more out of Zoom’s possibilities?

Are your colleagues and you really getting the most out of the virtual collaboration tools you use? Or are you looking for a way to optimize hybrid working and virtual collaboration? Duppal is happy to help!

Our specialists have extensive experience in implementing the tool that fits your company’s needs. With our unique adoption program we ensure that your colleagues are involved in the project from step one. By talking to different departments, everyone feels involved and all wishes are taken into account. This way, the implementation of Zoom will be a great success!

We are also there for you after the technical implementation and training. Our Meet Duppal Support team will help you with questions and new situations.

Want to know more about Zoom or our way of working? Feel free to contact us.

Want to know more?

Feel free to contact us.

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