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How to share files through Microsoft Teams


Chances are that you have worked with the Microsoft Teams virtual collaboration solution recently. Many companies that work in a hybrid way use this easy-to-use tool for their virtual meetings. Collaborating with colleagues who work from home or with externals who don’t come to your office is easier than ever with Microsoft Teams. Scheduling a meeting is easy, the video and audio quality are particularly good and the tool offers all kinds of useful features, such as the ability to share files during a meeting.

Sharing files within Microsoft Teams is easy:

During a meeting:

  • In the box where you type messages, click Attach;
  • Then choose to upload a file via OneDrive or from your computer;
  • Select the right file and choose Share or Open;
  • A copy of the file will now be uploaded and shared with the participant(s).

Sharing files with your team via a channel:

  • In the box where you type messages, click Attach;
  • Choose Browse Teams and Channels, Recent, OneDrive or Upload on my computer to choose the file you want to share;
  • Upload the appropriate file by selecting Upload a copy or Open.

You can also select and share files via the Files tab and then the Upload files option.

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The new way of collaborating gets even easier with Microsoft Teams

As part of the Microsoft 365 solution, Microsoft Teams has automatically become the virtual meeting tool for a lot of companies. This integration into Microsoft 365 is one of the strong added values of Teams: the tool seamlessly links up with programmes you use every day, such as Outlook and Excel. This makes collaboration easier than ever, both physically and virtually.

Do you want to make the transition to Microsoft Teams?

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