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How do you make someone a co-host in Zoom?


Are you organising a meeting, training or webinar with Zoom, and would you like to make someone a co-host? When organising a training or a webinar, it can be very useful to manage it together with a co-host. For example, the co-host can start or stop any recording, start breakout rooms, and set up and start polls.

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Enable the co-host option

Before you can co-host others during a meeting, you’ll need to indicate this in the main menu first. This can be done at different levels, i.e. at the account level, at group level and at user level.

Enable the co-host option at account level:

  1. Please login as administrator;
  2. Go to Account Management, then Account Settings and go to the Meeting tab;
  3. Check if the Co-host setting is enabled, this can be found under In Meeting (Basic);
  4. Is the setting switched off? Turn it on with the switch.

Enable the co-host option at group level:

  1. Please login as administrator;
  2. Go to User Management and then to Groups;
  3. Find the group you wish to enable the option for;
  4. Then click on the Meeting tab;
  5. Go to In Meeting (Basic) and verify that the Co-host setting is enabled. If not, turn on the option.

Enable co-hosting option at user level:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to the Meeting tab and check whether the Co-host option is enabled under In Meeting (Basic). Is the option disabled? The switch allows you to enable the option.

During the meeting

After you have enabled the co-host option in the settings, you can appoint someone to co-host your meeting during a meeting.

Making someone co-host during the meeting:

  1. Move your mouse to the video of the user you want to make co-host;
  2. Click on the symbol with three dots;
  3. Click Make Co-Host.

Make someone co-host from the participants window:

  1. Go to Participants;
  2. Go to the participant you wish to make co-host;
  3. Click More;
  4. Click Make Co-Host.


A co-host doesn’t get exactly the same rights as the host:

  • A co-host cannot start live streaming;
  • The co-host cannot start the meeting or end it for everyone;
  • Only the host can make others co-host, you can’t do this as a co-host;
  • As a co-host, you can allow or remove participants from waiting rooms, but you can’t start a waiting room.

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