5 Tips to make hybrid working work



Dec 8, 2021

Is hybrid work becoming the new normal? How do we ensure that everyone is satisfied with the remote working policy? But also: how do we ensure an inclusive feeling among team members working remotely? In this blog, we list out the most important tips for hybrid working from the seminar ‘The Art of Hybrid Working’ by Denkproducties.

Hybrid work or working from home

More and more people have started to work hybrid in recent years. The corona pandemic forced us to look at our way of working differently. Whereas office work was the norm in many companies, employees now work from home. Home workstations are being set up and licenses are purchased for online meeting platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Home became the new office in no time.

Tip 1: work hybrid with office supplies instead of budget

You need office supplies when you work hybrid from home. The first tip is to offer employees office supplies instead of a budget. For example a desk, an extra monitor, or a comfortable chair. By doing this, you can be sure that employees have a good workplace at home. You ensure healthy employees that are as productive as possible.

Young people miss connecting while working from home

How do employees deal with hybrid work? Unfortunately, statistics do not always tell the whole story. If 90% of the employees are satisfied, you can assume that things are going well. In reality, it means that 10% of the employees are unhappy. Figures show that 25% of young people are depressed and find it difficult to connect with both current and new colleagues.

Tip 2: a good chairman for hybrid work

With hybrid working, we are constantly meeting online. There are relatively more meetings with more people than before the pandemic. People find it difficult to participate in online meetings. Therefore, it is wise to appoint a chairman who lets everyone speak and ensures that all topics on the agenda are discussed.

Tip 3: Hybrid work requires clear communication

‘Work at home’ or ‘hybrid work’? According to Kilian Wawoe, ‘home working policy’ is not the right term. He argued in favor of the term ‘work policy’: after all, home has a different connotation. At home, you are the boss. At the office, this is not the case. There can be confusion about what is and is not allowed in hybrid work. That is why it is wise to communicate clearly and make agreements. For example: with colleagues who like to walk the dog or visit the supermarket during work hours.

Tip 4: enable hybrid working with core hours

With hybrid working, employees do not work less. They may start earlier or work late. Working hours may vary. That’s why, as a company or together with colleagues, it can be interesting to agree on core hours. Core hours are the hours in which everyone works. The hours around them can be arranged flexibly. Blocks are created in which everyone is at work and available.

Tip 5: Explore the possibilities for hybrid working

There is a good chance that hybrid working will not disappear. Fortunately, there is still plenty of room for improvement in this area. At the moment, only 10% of the opportunities are being utilized. Employees can still learn a lot from online collaboration. You can stimulate this by offering training in the use of online collaboration tools. Employees learn to use the tool effectively and receive tips to make meetings more fun and productive.

Duppal makes hybrid working easier

Duppal is continuously working to make hybrid working more enjoyable and easier. We do this by implementing video conferencing and collaboration solutions and by training your staff. We also like to come up with new ideas that ensure healthy employees that are as productive as possible:

  • Meetings of maximum 45 minutes: this way, the team always has a 15-minute break to relax and prepare for the next meeting.
  • Introducing walking meetings: during the online meeting, you go for a walk together.
  • ‘Work policy’ becomes the new ‘home working policy’: we create clarity by leaving ‘home’ at home. In addition, we believe in the responsibility of our colleagues. This allows them to do their shopping in between.

As you can read above, we are continuously immersing ourselves in the subject of hybrid work. We are eager to help you further with this working method. Would you like to know more about our training courses or handy tools? Feel free to contact us!

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