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Why do we need a multiplatform solution?

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A Multiplatform solution is essential for organizations that want to streamline their meeting experiences and overcome the challenges posed by multiple collaboration tools and platforms. Here’s why we need a Multiplatform solution:

1. Stress-Free Meetings: With a Multiplatform solution, joining meetings becomes a stress-free experience. No matter which platform or tool is being used, the process remains consistent and straightforward. Users can enter any meeting from your meeting rooms confidently, knowing they will have a seamless connection and a productive meeting ahead.

2. Compatibility with Existing Video Rooms: One of the key advantages of a Multiplatform solution is that it integrates seamlessly with your existing video conferencing rooms. This means you can leverage your current investments in hardware, such as Poly or Cisco systems, without the need for expensive replacements. It maximizes the value of your existing infrastructure while expanding your collaboration capabilities.

3. Minimization of E-Waste: By adopting a Multiplatform solution, organizations can minimize electronic waste (e-waste). Instead of disposing of or replacing meeting room equipment, the solution optimizes and utilizes your existing resources. This environmentally conscious approach aligns with sustainability goals and contributes to a greener and more responsible business practice.

In summary, a Multiplatform solution simplifies meeting experiences, ensures compatibility with existing video rooms, and minimizes e-waste. It empowers organizations to enhance collaboration efforts and create a more efficient and connected workspace.

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