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Microsoft Teams: how can I see everyone?


The Microsoft Teams collaboration tool is part of the Microsoft 365 solution. Teams is a useful tool for hosting virtual meetings, collaborating with colleagues and external parties, and chatting with each other. Teams works seamlessly with the other tools in Microsoft 365, such as Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint. This integration makes Teams a popular and extremely user-friendly tool.
By default, 4 participants are displayed during a video conference with Microsoft Teams. However, there are several options that allow you to display 9 participants or even up to 49 people at once.

Enable the new meeting experience of Microsoft Teams

Have you never used these features before? Then you will need to activate them first. Here is how to:

  • Step1: navigate to the main screen in Teams;
  • Step 2: at the top right of your screen, click on your personal profile;
  • Step 3: click on Settings;
  • Step 4: check the Enable new meeting experience option;
  • Step 5: restart Teams. Now you can get started with these features!

Display all participants in a meeting with Microsoft Teams

When you have enabled the new meeting experience, you can switch between views in a meeting:

  • Step 1: click on the three dots during the meeting: this will open the options screen;
  • Step 2: choose your favorite view: Gallery, Gallery Large or Hold together mode.

Gallery is the default view, with 4 participants. With the option Gallery large you can show 9 participants, in a 3 by 3 grid. The Keep together mode shows a maximum of 49 participants at the same time.

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