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How can you invite someone to a meeting in Microsoft Teams?


Are you hosting a virtual meeting using the collaboration tool Microsoft Teams? One of the most important aspects of your preparation is inviting the right participants. Are you inviting your direct colleagues, will the meeting take place with colleagues from other departments or is it a meeting with external participants? We will show you how to invite the right participants for your meeting.

Invite participants using your Microsoft account

You can easily invite participants for your meeting from your calendar:

  • Step 1: choose a date and time in your calendar or select the New Meeting option in the upper right corner of your screen;
  • Step 2: choose a time at which your colleagues are available via the Scheduling Assistant;
  • Step 3: add the relevant colleagues and select Save: the invitations are sent.

Inviting participants from a chat session

Are you in a chat group and do you want to schedule a virtual meeting with the colleagues in the group? No problem with Teams, just follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: go to the right chat group;
  • Step 2: Select Schedule a meeting. You can find this button below the box where you type messages;
  • Step 3: the Scheduling wizard will open: pick a date and time;
  • Step 4: click Save.

Inviting participants via a link

You can also invite participants to the meeting through a link.

  • Step 1: at the bottom of the list of teams choose Copy link;
  • Step 2: send the link via e-mail, a chat message or in another way;
  • Step 3: does someone use the link? Then you will receive a request to allow them to join. In the tab Requests in progress (you can find this tab under Invite people) you can approve or change the requests.

Inviting participants during the meeting

Even if the meeting has already started you can invite participants to join.

  • Step 1: click on ‘Show participants’ in the controls. Here you see all participants and you can invite others;
  • Step 2: enter the name or phone number of the person you want to invite.

Get the most out of Microsoft Teams

Are you using Microsoft Teams within your organization, but do you wonder if you are really getting the most out of it? This collaboration tool is user-friendly and offers a lot of possibilities to collaborate virtually with colleagues and external parties.

Duppal will help you to get the most out of Microsoft Teams. We will take a look with you and talk to your colleagues from different departments and discuss the way you use Teams. We will make an extensive inventory and create a proof-of-concept based on that inventory. We will then take care of the technical implementation, provide training and set up an internal campaign, so that all your colleagues will start using your virtual collaboration tools enthusiastically and with the right knowledge!

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